Frequently Asked Questions

At One World International School, our parents and students come first. We understand that making the right decision about your child’s education is not something to be taken lightly. Allow us to assist by answering any questions you may have. We’ve compiled a list of queries that we hope you will find helpful as you consider what to look for in an international school. This page contains additional information about our admissions process, curriculum and co-curricular activities. 

You will find answers to common queries on international school education in India.

From the next academic term, SilverOak will be rechristened as ‘One World International School’ (OWIS), a reputed international school which is part of the Global Schools Foundation family.

All the high academic standards, pedagogical practices, faculty and unique selling points of SilverOaks will stay.

Yes, School will retain all three IB programmes at the Sarjapur campus.  The Whitefield campus will continue with IB PYP, add IB MYP and look to include IB DP in future.

In a positive way.  The campus will have more appropriate technology for a better teaching-learning process.  Students will be encouraged to become self-regulated, lifelong learners.

It’s of value to the school to retain teachers that have great teaching capabilities.  The investment in technology, training and processes is to help retain valuable talent.  We look to remain well within the industry standards.

The fee structure will be in conjunction with the cost of delivery, keeping in mind the value for our parents and our commitment.

MYP will continue to grow from strength to strength – no change in nomenclature until IB decides to. Students appearing for the examinations in May 2023, will continue to write the exams under the Silver Oaks school name.

We will always support our students and will provide letters of recommendation. However, the name change will take effect from the new academic year.

The new partnership is eager to bring new-age facilities, a digital environment and learning conducive to 21st-century aspirations.

Yes. All best practices at Silver Oaks will continue unabated. Innovative and creative teaching practices will be introduced to provide an enriched learning experience.

Currently, we have college counselling from Grade 9 onwards and will continue to do the same with much more refinement.

We will continue to uphold the policy of Silver Oaks at the moment.

OWIS uniforms will be introduced in the new academic year.

You can join our webinars, which will be held thrice this week, to know more. Links to the webinar have been attached in the parent communication email.

The brand change is part of the strategic partnership with the Global Schools Foundation, which will enhance the growth of our school in future.

The decision to inform the parent community comes after proper clearances. We were mindful of the parent sentiment, and as soon as we got the necessary permissions, we communicated with the parents.

Yes. The wide network of GSF schools makes it easier for students to seamlessly transfer from one campus to another, provided the school has a campus in the new domicile and the same pedagogy is available in the chosen school.

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