Early Childhood Programme at OWIS Nanyang

Starting with our youngest preschoolers in our Early Childhood grades, we nurture a love of learning and inquiry that lasts well beyond their academic years at One World International School, Singapore.

What to expect from our Early Childhood Programme

Safe and Inviting Learning Environment

From our bright, airy classrooms to the outdoor sensory learning opportunities, young learners have ample space to nurture their curiosity in a safe and intimate setting. Our warm and enjoyable environment was designed to bring out the best in your child, encouraging them to grow and learn with enthusiasm.

Play-Based and Inquiry-Led Learning

Based on the IB PYP and underpinned by the English National Curriculum, our school programme for Early Childhood follows a play-based and inquiry-led approach to learning. Through activities suitable for their development stage, your child embarks on an exciting journey of self-discovery and sensory exploration of the world around them.

How We Stay True to Our Values

Dedicated, caring and enthusiastic teachers encourage your child to develop a sense of responsibility, self-confidence and independence from a young age.

Our educators are trained to deliver IB programme and continuously expand their knowledge and skills, so they can meet our high standard of education and provide your child with the personal care and support they need.

Continuity from Early Childhood to Secondary School

Early childhood education at OWIS is your first opportunity to introduce your child to an all-through school in Singapore. At the end of Early Childhood, your children are ready to take their natural inquiry and curiosity, independence, self-confidence, sense of responsibility, and excellent academic skills to our vibrant Primary School and academically-rigorous Secondary School. Our passionate and dedicated teachers prepare them with the skills they need not just to succeed in their present grade, but also to achieve their potential in the next stage of their academic journey. If your family will be living in Singapore for the long-term, OWIS is the learning partner that will nurture your child’s potential all through their school life and the place where they will feel at home on every school day. 

Discover how our play-based and inquiry-led learning approach stimulates a love of learning in young children.

Come experience our beautiful Early Childhood environment at OWIS Nanyang. 

Why Choose OWIS for Preschool Education in Singapore

Every Child is a Unique Individual

For us, every child is a unique individual. This is why we personalise your child’s learning journey and focus on their particular progress and needs as a young learner.

Small Student-Teacher Ratio

Due to our small class sizes and low student-teacher ratio, your child receives great personal care and attention in a safe and family-like classroom environment.

Kind and Multicultural School

With kindness at the core of our school’s culture, your child becomes part of a kind and truly international community where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated.

School-wide nationality cap

To ensure all 70+ nationalities are equally represented across our school body, we cap enrolment of students coming from a single nationality at 30%.

Benefit of All-Through K-12 Education

Our very young learners begin their academic journey at OWIS Nanyang from the time when they are 3 years old. At our all-through school, they have the possibility to advance from Early Childhood to IB DP Grade 12, which helps them to feel the sense of belonging that will help them to flourish.

Reasonable tuition fees

As a not-for-profit educational institution, we reinvest back into our school to continuously improve our quality of teaching. This is how we deliver high-quality education with modest kindergarten fees in Singapore.

Benefits of the Early Years Component of the IB Primary Years Programme for Preschoolers

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) for Early Years education offers numerous benefits:

Benefits of the Early Years Component of the IB Primary Years Programme for Preschoolers

Its holistic approach fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and social skills from an early age.

Through inquiry-based learning, children develop a deeper understanding of concepts and gain a lifelong love for learning.

The IB PYP’s international perspective promotes cultural awareness and open-mindedness.

It emphasises language development, numeracy, and social-emotional growth, providing a strong foundation for further education.

Collaborative projects nurture teamwork and communication skills.

Overall, the IB PYP's focus on creativity, exploration, and global understanding equips young learners with essential skills to thrive academically and personally.

Join us for a school tour of our vibrant learning spaces in our Early Childhood stage at OWIS Nanyang.

 Get a glimpse into the unique learning spaces you will find at OWIS Nanyang and learn more about our intimate, family-like atmosphere.