Leading International Primary School in Whitefield

OWIS is a leading primary school in Whitefield Bangalore. OWIS offers a nurturing ground for holistic learning where young learners develop their full potential.

OWIS Bangalore Primary School

Strong conceptual foundation

At OWIS, we nurture the primary years by providing a well-balanced learning environment with a lot of activities and projects that enhance the learning experience. The fundamental concepts in core subjects are cultivated through various activities, work sheets, projects and experiential learning methods and our students explore and develop 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. 

Wonderful Platforms for Showcasing Skills

We provide various platforms that give our students opportunities to strengthen their skills in Physical Education and Visual Performing Arts, while reinforcing strong concepts in core subjects like English, Math, and Science. Our faculty are well-qualified and experienced in ensuring the upward learning curve of our students.

Holistic Self-directed learning

Our activities and projects channel the creative energy of our students and guide them into emerging as self-directed learners. The holistic learning environment ensures that no child is left behind. Children develop a love of lifelong learning which helps them thrive in the world.

A Caring Environment

At OWIS, we provide a caring and nurturing environment where every student feels seen and heard. We instill values of empathy, kindness and compassion that help our students grow up into kind and compassionate individuals.

Curricula Offered at Whitefield Primary School

The IB MYP offers a holistic curriculum that nurtures students' intellectual, personal, and social growth. At One World International School, we go the extra mile to ensure an exceptional learning environment for our students.

Focus on Holistic Development

One of the remarkable strengths of the IB MYP is its focus on holistic development. Students engage in a wide range of subjects, including language and literature, sciences, mathematics, humanities, arts, and physical education. This comprehensive approach fosters interdisciplinary connections and allows students to develop a well-rounded skill set.

Lifelong Learning Skills

The IB MYP emphasizes inquiry-based learning, enabling students to become active participants in their own education. Through the process of engaging with authentic and relevant questions, students learn to think critically, solve problems, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations. This approach cultivates their curiosity, creativity, and analytical thinking, equipping them with lifelong learning skills.

Promoting a Growth Mindset

We, at OWIS, are  committed to providing the best educational experience for our students through the IB MYP. Our dedicated educators facilitate a stimulating learning environment where students are encouraged to explore, question, and collaborate. Teachers foster a growth mindset, providing individualised support and guidance to help students overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Why Consider Primary School Education at OWIS Whitefield?

Developing Competence

At OWIS, we ensure that every learner develops their competence and becomes proficient in their chosen areas. We help them reach for their dreams by nurturing their potential.

Compassionate human beings

We instill universal human values in our learners so that they become kind human beings who make the world a better place to be in.

Confident Lifelong Learners

Our students develop a love for learning which gives them the confidence to keep abreast with the ever changing world. OWIS fosters the ability for critical thinking that gears them up for facing any kind of challenge with grit and determination.

Holistic Personality

We holistically groom our students to become well-rounded human beings who are equipped to deal with the challenges of the world. Along with academic competence, we build 21st century skills that help our students grow and thrive.

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