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OWIS Tsukuba: A Top International Pre-School in Japan

The Best Early Childhood Programme in Japan for 3-5 year olds

Nurturing Your Child Through An Inquiry-Based Early Years Programme

We, at OWIS Tsukuba, strive to prepare your child for the rigour of the IB curriculum that paves their path for a bright career in the global landscape.

Driving Educational Excellence

OWIS Tsukuba is dedicated to preparing learners for 21st-century challenges and prospects. Our inquiry-based role-plays allow students to explore real-world problems and identify solutions through critical thinking.

Play Encourages Cognitive Development
Safe and Inviting Learning Environment

Vibrant Learning Spaces

Our indoor spaces are carefully designed to allow students to get plenty of air and natural light while our outdoor spaces are welcoming spots for our students to engage in active play and learn from their experiences. 

Age-Appropriate Activities

With a play-and-learn approach, we leverage the power of inquisitiveness in young minds and encourage them to embark on an exciting learning journey through self-discovery. 

A teacher and student reading a book together

Well-Rounded Development

We nurture confident learners; our programmes have the best balance of academics and extracurriculars, which help develop critical life skills. 

Witness how we nurture students in a multicultural environment, empowering them to grow up with the values of acceptance, tolerance, kindness and compassion.

Why is OWIS Tsukuba the best international preschool in Japan?

Multiple OWIS Campuses

The OWIS group of schools run by GSF have campuses located in multiple geographies including the Asia-Pacific regions, India and the Middle East. People relocating to these countries have the option of getting their children enrolled in any of the branches without any hassle.

Optimal Student-Teacher Ratio

We focus on giving individualised support and attention to every student. Our optimal student-teacher ratio and smaller class sizes testify to this commitment.

Transparent Fee Structure

Our fee structure is transparent and our fees are affordable too, which gives every child in Tsukuba the opportunity to study at the best private international school in Japan.

The Global Perspective

Our students come across people from other cultural and religious backgrounds and ethnicities. They learn to understand the values of diversity, inclusivity and tolerance.

Love for Learning

We aim to make learning a happy experience for learners. This may mean addressing their educational needs with methodologies that work for them.

The Best Private International School in Japan Offering Early Childhood Education

The age brackets for Early Childhood Education may vary from one country to the other, while at OWIS Tsukuba, the Early Childhood Programme typically represents children belonging to the 3-5 age group. The programme is variously referred to as Reception, Pre-K, Pre-School, Nursery or simply Early Years Programme.

What does it feel like to be a part of the OWIS family?

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