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A Top Senior Secondary School in Japan Shaping the Future of 16-18 year olds

Our Upper Secondary School programme offers a highly rewarding experience to high school students, assisting them in their journey to the world’s top universities.

OWIS Tsukuba: Preparing Students for the Globalised World of the 21st Century

Our senior school students evolve to emerge as successful professionals having the necessary technology and people skills to address challenges and leverage opportunities of the 21st century.

Why Should You Choose Our Senior Secondary School in Tsukuba?

OWIS Tsukuba is a top private international school in Japan with state-of-the-art infrastructure and experienced educators who take pride in their work, and are always ready to help students achieve their career goals.

College and University Counselling Programmes

Our counsellors support our students with university applications and guide them on the selection of the right courses based on their interests. 

English Proficiency

Our students develop a high level of proficiency in English, which makes them champion the art of global communication and excel in their career. 

Technological Expertise

Our technology-enabled classrooms allow our students to benefit from the digital learning experience and get acquainted with the trends and best practices of the IT industry. 

Academic Excellence

Along with traditional learning, we encourage the development of critical thinking and problem solving ability in our students to help them become capable of solving real-world issues in their future. 

Sports Achievements

Our high school students understand the value of teamwork and collaboration as they participate in diverse sports activities under the guidance of trained coaches.

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Key Features of OWIS Tsukuba, which You May Want to Know

If you are looking to get your child enrolled at a top international school in Japan, you may consider visiting our campus to learn more about our programmes and find out if the school can be the right fit for your child’s needs. 

Our campus features high-end infrastructure including well-equipped science labs, high-tech auditorium and immersive learning spaces. 

We take time to understand our students’ interests and guide them on the choice of classes so that they can focus on what interests them the most and grow in their preferred areas. 

We maintain smaller class-sizes to give every student the attention they need, so you may want to book a seat in advance.  

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