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Japan’s Top Private International School Offering Primary Years Programme

OWIS Tsukuba primary school offers the world-famous IB education to 5-11 year olds, from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Nurturing the Global Citizens of Tomorrow

We at OWIS Tsukuba, work towards developing responsible global citizens who are kind, compassionate and respectful towards other cultures, religions and ethnicities. We are part of a one-world community where people’s uniqueness is celebrated and holistic development of students remains as a key area of focus.

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Building A One-World Community that Strives for Excellence

With a comprehensive Primary Years Programme that’s designed to promote academic excellence as well as the well-rounded development of students, OWIS Tsukuba boasts a vibrant community of educators and learners who work together to create a rewarding learning journey.

Kind and Truly Multicultural School


Kindness remains the guiding principle behind whatever we do at OWIS Tsukuba. We foster a learning environment where students learn the values of compassion and care, and grow up as polite individuals.

Global Citizenship

We embrace multiculturalism. Students in our school come from diverse cultural backgrounds and they learn to celebrate unity in diversity, growing up as global citizens who are tolerant towards other cultures and religions. 

Friendly and Intimate School Environment

Inquiry-Based Curriculum

Our Primary Years Programme is based on an engaging curriculum that ignites inquiries in young learners, encouraging them to explore their environments and find solutions to problems. 

Experienced Educators

Our teachers have solid experience working in other international schools in diverse countries, and they always do their best to ensure that our students get the best learning experience and develop holistically. 

Skills & Values Nurtured at OWIS Tsukuba

At our Japan International School, we want our students to develop important values and real-world skills that can help them excel in school and beyond.


Through activities and academic lessons that we teach at the school, we aim to strengthen our students’ communication skills to enable them to have an improved ability to interact with the world around them.


We organise group activities that facilitate communication and collaboration among our students, who belong to different cultural backgrounds. This, in turn, promotes camaraderie that goes beyond cultural boundaries.


Our students take an active part in community service projects, which teach them empathy and compassion and help them evolve as responsible citizens in the future.

Critical Thinking

Our students are encouraged to play, explore and discover things on their own in their surrounding environment, which helps improve their critical thinking skills.

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