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OWIS Osaka Primary School ranges from ages 6 – 11 (Kindergarten to Grade 5, Elementary School)

Dedicated to Delivering High Quality Education

The OWIS Osaka Primary School Programme fosters an engaging, multicultural environment where students develop a love of lifelong learning and a sense of one-world community. This goes a long way to create responsible and confident global citizens of the future while allowing them to build flourishing careers in a global context.

Our qualified teachers take pride in their work and they do their best to help students excel academically and identify their talents in other aspects of life. We, at OWIS Osaka, aim to promote holistic development of our students.

Let our teachers help you shape your child’s educational journey.

Care. Commitment. Community. That’s What OWIS Osaka are all About!

Our Primary Years Programme nurtures students in a one-world community that promotes tolerance and allows students to explore diverse perspectives.

Kind and Truly Multicultural School

Rigorous Curriculum

Our exciting, inquiry-based curriculum instills a sense of engagement and joy in our students. With key subjects, such as Maths, English, Music, Art, and Units of Inquiry, forming the core of our curriculum and with extracurricular activities complementing them perfectly by allowing students to experience well-rounded development, our primary years programme is uniquely designed to deliver optimal learning and development outcomes.

Friendly Environment

We nurture our students in a friendly environment, teaching them the value of compassion, care, and politeness in all their interactions with others. Our teachers are dedicated to bringing out the best in every child and help them bloom to their full potential. 

Friendly and Intimate School Environment

Qualified Teachers

Our experienced teachers are fully trained in-house before they start teaching. They work in close collaboration with our students and parents, ensuring that they meet the unique learning needs of every student. Our teachers are passionate about their work and they make sure that our students get the best opportunity to excel academically and develop key skills needed to thrive in a multicultural environment. 

One-World Community

At OWIS Osaka, we celebrate diversity and multiculturalism. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and communities and work in harmony to uphold the value of global citizenship. We do our best to inculcate the values of compassion and tolerance in our students.

Our Well-Balanced PYP Curriculum Promotes Holistic Development

Skill development of our students remains as one of the core objectives behind whatever we do at One World International School, Osaka. Our students learn crucial skills that not only allow them to achieve success in academics, but also help them deal with real-world scenarios.


We organize creative group projects that help our students learn collaboration skills.


Our regular activities are focused at developing our students’ communication skills so as to make them better equipped to deal with other people from different backgrounds.


Students are encouraged to set their learning path through research on topics that interest them the most and this goes a long way to promote a sense of responsibility in them.


With our inquiry-based curriculum, our students get the opportunity to ask questions and find answers that help them solve real-life problems.


We teach our students the value of care, compassion, empathy, and commitment. Our students take part in community service projects, which further contributes to their holistic development.

Multicultural Mindset

We have a global community, and every member of our community is culturally-receptive. Students from diverse backgrounds work together in groups, which helps develop cultural awareness.

What You Need To Know About the OWIS Kindergarten in Osaka

  • Kindergarten is considered the first year of Primary School in many schools around the Western world and is for children aged 5-6. Check Out Our Curriculum Page to learn more about the different age brackets and academic stages of our School compared to other schools around the world.
  • This transitional year combines the nurturing elements of the Early Childhood Programme whilst also preparing them for the more rigorous academic schedule they will expect in the following years of Primary School.
  • Our Kindergarten spaces are filled with interactive activities, wall installations, and fun educational materials.
  • The OWIS Osaka Kindergarten is our most in-demand grade level and spaces fill up quickly every year. If you are interested in sending your child to our kindergarten, then we recommend you apply early to save your spot.

What does it feel like to be a part of the OWIS family?

Enjoy a Walkthrough of the OWIS Osaka Campus. Learn more about the curriculum and how we can help you shape your child’s learning journey.