Leading Kindergarten School in Riyadh

OWIS offers the best kindergarten classes in Riyadh, imparting fundamental life skills in an active, stimulating and accepting environment.

What to Expect From Our International Kindergarten School?

At OWIS-Riyadh, students get the best kindergarten education which builds a strong foundation among students, and encourages them to become active learners through curricular and co-curricular activities.

1. Safe and encouraging environment for better learning

From our bright and airy classrooms to outdoor sensory learning opportunities, young learners have ample space to nurture their curiosity in a safe and intimate setting. Our warm and enjoyable environment was designed to provide the best kindergarten education for kids, encouraging them to grow and learn with enthusiasm.

2. Play-based and inquiry-led learning

OWIS is an IB PYP candidate school which is a play-based and inquiry-led approach to learning. Through activities suitable for each development stage, from kindergarten to high school, children will embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and sensory exploration of the world around them. 

3. True to values

We offer the best kindergarten program in Riyadh, taught by dedicated, caring and enthusiastic teachers who will encourage your child to develop a sense of responsibility, self-confidence and independence from a young age. Our educators are trained and continually expand their knowledge and skills, for meeting our high standards of learning.

4. Academic excellence and personal growth

Kindergarten education at OWIS is modern, stress-free, and completely centered around wellbeing and holistic development. While we prioritize academic excellence, we also support your child’s personal growth. Students learn to collaborate and work in teams, further developing their sense of responsibility, cultural awareness and open-mindedness.

Why Choose OWIS As Your Child’s Kindergarten in Riyadh?

Our kindergarten education ensures every child is included, valued and supported in order to reach their full potential. build a strong foundation for their future years in education.

Every child a unique individual

For us, every child is a unique individual. This is why we personalize your child’s learning journey and prioritize specific progress and address their unique needs as a young learner.

Small student-teacher ratio

Due to our small class sizes and balanced student-teacher ratio, your child receives ample personal care and attention in a safe and amicable classroom environment.

Kind and multicultural school

With kindness at the core of our school’s culture, your child becomes part of a kind and truly international community where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated.

Reasonable tuition fees

We strive to deliver quality education within a reasonable fee range while continuously reinvesting in the school for upgrading to provide better benefits to our learners.

Benefits of Kindergarten Education

From ages 3 to 6
They spend time in an immersive, play-based classroom setting, in our Kindergarten Program which is based on the IB PYP curriculum integrated with the American Common Core with a strong emphasis on literacy in the Early Years.
From ages 6 to 11
As a PYP candidate school, students will enjoy the IB PYP curriculum integrated with the American Common Core, where inquiry-led learning is encouraged and real-life application of learning is applied daily with the support of hands-on learning through our advanced learning spaces.
From ages 11 to 18
They will focus on furthering their academic development through international curriculum and personal achievements as they prepare for life beyond our Secondary School.

FAQs About Kindergarten Education at OWIS

Kids should ideally enroll for kindergarten by the age of 3.

OWIS adopts play-based and inquiry-based learning methods for kindergarten education. Activities aimed at overall development embark children on a journey of self discovery and sensory exploration. 

An international kindergarten education can help your child develop various skills to do well in life. The activities they perform and partake in class help develop their socio-emotional, sensory, physical, creative and cognitive skills along with the development of language and communication skills.

You must remain observant to better understand if your child follows simple  instructions. You can also gauge if your child is sociable and comfortable with others in your absence. Usually, taking part in a few activities with other kids is a good sign your child is ready for kindergarten admission. 

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Get a virtual feel of our friendly and warm school environment. Learn more about the IB PYP and our child-centred teaching methodology. Discover why our rigorous and holistic curriculum successfully prepares your child for secondary school and see how we raise internationally minded and confident lifelong learners.

We are an IB PYP Candidate School

Admissions Open for Pre-Kg to Grade 5

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