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As an IB PYP candidate school offering an American curriculum, OWIS Riyadh follows inquiry-based education to explore the depths of learning and inspire students to be curious, innovative and passionate learners in their primary grades.

What to Expect From OWIS' IB Primary Years Program?

The IB primary schooling at OWIS Riyadh lays strong foundations for a lifetime of curiosity, creativity, intellectual achievement and growth in young learners.

1. Friendly and intimate school environment

Teachers, students and staff contribute to our school’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it easier for your child to adjust to their initial trysts with primary education. Our cozy, comfortable and well-thought-out indoor and outdoor learning spaces encourage students to further explore their curiosity, develop a love of learning and feel excited about going to school every day. 

2. Experienced and caring IB-trained teachers

Our qualified IB teachers have years of experience and are considered among the best for primary schools in Riyadh. They continue to upgrade their knowledge and remain passionate about providing guidance, support and understanding during their students’ formative years.

3. Holistic and rigorous curriculum

Our curriculum remains committed to the tenets of IB PYP. It fosters students to learn to be proactive, inquisitive and curious about the world around them. We prioritize character development through values, and prepare them to take on challenges through independent thinking; all in a safe learning environment.

4. Kind and truly multicultural school

Through various cultural awareness initiatives and a non denominational approach to education, our students learn how to better appreciate other cultures and different points of view. With kindness, diversity and inclusivity, your child becomes part of a safe, healthy and truly international school community built on mutual trust and respect.

Why Choose OWIS For Your Child’s Primary Education?

Primary education at OWIS Riyadh is a balance of traditional and technology-driven environment. Through new-age platforms and latest methodologies, our experienced teachers shape your child into being inquisitive learners with the right skills and academic bent.

Every child a unique individual

We value and treat every child as a unique individual. To achieve optimal personal and academic growth, we personalise your child's learning journey based on their specific needs, interests and progress.

Rich selection of extracurricular activities

Your child has plenty of engaging co-curricular
activities to choose from. That way, they can explore their passions, learn new skills and boost their confidence in areas such as sports, arts, music and languages.

Low student-teacher ratio

With our small class sizes, your child benefits from greater personal care and attention. Being part of a small and nurturing classroom environment also helps students form more meaningful connections with their teachers and peers.

Reasonable tuition fees

As a not-for-profit educational institution, we reinvest back into our school to continuously improve our quality of teaching. That way, we can deliver the highest quality of education without excessively high fees.

How to Apply for the Primary School Admission at OWIS?

The academic year at OWIS Riyadh begins in January and concludes in December. However, prospective students can seek admission at any point during the school year, depending on their overall application and availability within the particular grade level.

Please follow the steps of the application process and complete each portion of the application form in order for your admission to be considered. Primary admissions will only be considered for children no younger than 3 years of age, as is the norm with the American primary school system. We try to keep our application process straightforward and simple. Just follow the simple steps below:

Fill out the application form online and upload all necessary documents there.

Pay the one time non-refundable application fee.

We hold discussions with new parents as well as an informal interview with the student. Assessment tests may be required for certain grades.

For confirming admission, a place of offer is shared with parents that they’ll need to accept. This confirms we're able to offer a seat to their child.

The login details for the parent portal are shared and parents will need to generate an e-contract.

Optional - Submit the registration form for the school bus only if you're going to use school transport.

Pay tuition fees via cheque or credit card.

Two sets of uniforms are included in the school fee which parents are required to collect from our uniform supplier.

On the first day of school - you are requested to collect parent tags.

Focused young primary school girl passionately drawing on paper, showcasing creativity and artistic expression.

Primary School Fees in Riyadh

At our Riyadh school fees are kept moderate to make the international school experience accessible for all families, expatriate or otherwise. For more information on primary schooling fees and costs, feel free to reach out to us.

FAQs About OWIS Primary Schooling

Primary schooling moulds the child for formal education and acquires several essential qualities like self-confidence, self-belief, empathy and critical thinking.

The primary school age range is 7 to 11 years.

IB PYP does not have specific subjects. Please refer to IBO website to look for this answer. Keep it generic

Primary schooling is from Grade 1 to 6. 

What does it feel like to be a part of the OWIS family?​

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    Fardousa Hassan

    Grade 1A Homeroom Teacher

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Get a virtual feel of our friendly and warm school environment. Learn more about the IB PYP and our child-centred teaching methodology. Discover why our rigorous and holistic curriculum successfully prepares your child for secondary school and see how we raise internationally minded and confident lifelong learners.


The fee structure for OWIS Riyadh Primary School varies depending on the grade level and the specific requirements of each student. For detailed information visit our fee page.

The primary school age range is 7 to 11 years.

Primary students participate in Unit of Inquiry classes that encompass English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, in addition to stand-alone Mathematics and English classes. They also partake in Arabic, Islamic/Global Mindfulness, Physical Education, Music, Art, POWer classes (Passion One World), PSPE (Personal and Social Development classes.

Primary school education is from Grade 1 to 5.

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We are an IB PYP Candidate School

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