Creating Global Citizens at OWIS

At One World International School, we believe academic prowess defines only aspect of our students' lives. We believe they should also have a strong value system that will shape them into being global citizens in the future. With the opportunity to learn about the importance of kindness, compassion, international mindedness and digital citizenship at school, OWIS students develop the social awareness that will help them to flourish later in life.

Kindness and Compassion

At One World International School, kindness is the most critical element among a whole gamut of personal, emotional and social ingredients that we add to our scholastic mix. What we demonstrate and how we teach kindness equips our children to excel, not merely succeed – in all their life roles, not just in their careers.

Our emphasis on kindness emanates from the top, right from our Head of School. And it is not just our thinking or belief, kindness is integral to everything we do. From our values and mission to curricula choices, our fee point and our assessment practice – our philosophy around kindness aims to equip our students with the skills and awareness they need to thrive in a global society.

At OWIS, we find that a kind and nurturing school environment

results in happy, aware, caring children

heightens self-esteem

increases peer acceptability

reduces instances of bullying

reduces stress

improves general health

enhances concentration and learning ability

produces adults equipped for the demands of the 21st century

At OWIS, your child's wellbeing always comes first

Because when children feel happy at school, they feel safe to explore, blossom and reach their fullest potential.

Respect for Diversity and International Mindedness

As an institution, we model appreciation for cultural differences in every aspect of what we do. Our faculty and staff come from many different countries, hold degrees from leading global institutions and have travelled extensively. Their international heritage naturally emerges in the classroom as they teach lessons and interact with students.

We also structured our admissions policy to ensure that our student body equitably represents a variety of nationalities. To ensure comprehensive diversity, OWIS has a 30 percent student nationality cap, which means no more than 30 percent of admitted students may come from a single nationality. Consequently, our established Nanyang campus has students from more than 70 nationalities, spanning six continents.

Benefits of Inculcating Respect for Diversity and International Mindedness

At OWIS in Singapore, we believe that there is beauty in diversity. We pride ourselves on being a multicultural school that promotes kindness and international mindedness. We encourage our students to keep an open mind, and we remind them that they are part of an interconnected, global community. 

There are many benefits associated with being a part of a diverse school community, including:

It provides students with an opportunity to see themselves in the world around them and know that they can accomplish great things in a global world.

Providing students with an opportunity to see others and understand their experiences. They learn how to build relationships with people who are both similar to and different from themselves.

Providing students with exposure to different backgrounds and ways of life allows them to consider others' perspectives when resolving an issue or proposing an idea.

The Importance of Learning Digital Citizenship at School

At OWIS, we emphasise balancing digital literacy with digital citizenship. As students in our classroom learn to acquire knowledge through different mediums, including online resources, it is important for them to learn how to function within a digital environment with responsibility and safety.
There are various benefits of children learning about digital citizenship from a young age, such as:

Being able to judge which sites are trustworthy and how to find the right information in an effective way.

Learning how to deal with cyberbullying and modelling respectful online behaviour.

Learning how to practise online safety and protect their digital identities.

Being aware of hacking, piracy and viruses and other emerging online threats that go against the law.

Understanding that the use of technology and social media should be mindful and balanced with socio-emotional and physical well-being.

How we teach digital citizenship at OWIS

Digital citizenship is a key part of our Information and Communication Technology lessons, right from Primary School. Students are given age-appropriate information to educate them on how to exercise online privacy, respect the rights of others even in the digital world, and how to access information in a safe way.

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