Parent Partnerships

At One World International School, we pride ourselves on the fact that our educators and administrators form a partnership with parents and guardians that leads to a strong support system for all of our students. We make communication with parents a top priority by using various types of technology to provide resources for our entire community-at-large.

Information for Parents

The student experience is a high priority for us, and our goal is to help develop the leaders of the next generation. However, we also believe that the family plays a central role in a student’s overall success. This is why we encourage family involvement at nearly every level. From volunteer opportunities within the classroom to various community events where family members are welcome, we love to get our parents on campus and involved in our activities.
The OWIS Parents Committee (OPC)
We invite parents to join the OWIS Parent Committee (OPC). This group’s primary focus centres around supporting the learning community, welcoming new parents and getting a consensus about what to discuss at regular meeting with the school. OPC members form committees and work together to plan school events and collaborate with charities in the community to promote various causes. We encourage parents to serve wherever their skills and interests lead them. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to participating in the OPC; parents can commit as much time as their busy schedules allow, and no contribution is “too small.”
We also appreciate the role parents play in supporting their child’s education. We invite parents to attend school-wide events and to reach out to our teachers whenever they have questions or concerns.

At OWIS, your child’s wellbeing always comes first

Because when children feel happy at school, they feel safe to explore, blossom and reach their fullest potential.
In addition to the OPC to foster parent involvement, we provide multiple channels of communication to engage our school community.

Teacher availability

Our EC and primary school teachers are available every weekday morning at 8:50am, and at the end of the day, for parents who want to approach them about making an appointment to discuss their child's performance.

Email communication

Because we recognise that parents may not always be able to connect with us in person, we also encourage them to reach out to teachers via email.

Digital portfolio

For Early Childhood and Primary students, we maintain a digital portfolio on the Toddle app, consisting of photographs and videos. Your child's teacher will give you a unique access code and password so you can monitor your child's progress in real-time.

Online Communication

For our Secondary students, we use a leading online learning platform called ManageBac, which is designed for international schools. This platform optimises communication between teachers and students and includes a special calendar just for students. This platform also features a Parent Portal that enables parents to track their children's performance and learn about upcoming events.

Social media

We also have an active social media presence to keep members of our school community current about what's happening at our various campuses. Following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allows families of potential new students to learn more about us and our unique approach. Here, we report on new additions to our blog, recent school events and activities the whole family can enjoy together.

Academic Calendar

Parents can consult our academic calendar to find out about upcoming holidays and when new terms begin and end.

Weekly Updates

Academic integrity and transparency are extremely important to us. In keeping with those values, our Head of School and class or subject teachers submit weekly updates via email to ensure that families know about upcoming school events and other activities.

Getting Your Children Prepared

Parents play a pivotal role in their child’s experience at school. There are steps that you can take now to help get your child prepared for their time at OWIS. Here are a few tips that can help:

Schedule a tour of the OWIS campus with your child.

This is a unique opportunity for you and your child to be introduced to the campus together and to learn about the various facilities.

Review the student handbook together.

Our school’s rich diversity provides a globally-minded perspective and cultivates inclusion.

Find a few activities to do together in school.

Let your child know about where you can volunteer or when you can come to visit.

Curious about the enriching learning experiences your child can have at OWIS?

Discover how we nurture your child’s confidence and independent thinking skills in a healthy, open and truly international school environment. Learn more about our approach to education and find out if OWIS is the right school for your family.

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