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OWIS Experience Day at the new Digital Campus (In Japanese)



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OWIS Nanyang Admissions Webinar in Korean

원월드 국제학교 난양 캠퍼스에 대한 유익한 웨비나에 참여하여 세계적으로 인정받는 본교의
커리큘럼과 풍부한 교육 환경이 자녀의 학업 성취에 어떠한 긍정적인 영향을 미치는지

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One World International School Nanyang Campus Open House

This Open House at our OWIS Nanyang campus is a great opportunity to meet our Head of School to learn more about our student-centric approach to education and how this helps your child to develop a lifelong love of learning. After the meet-up, our Admissions Team will be happy to give your family a tour of our expansive Nanyang campus.

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