Our Space to Engage and Interact | The Multi-Purpose Hall

At One World International School, we pride ourselves on being more than a learning institution that provides students with a well-rounded education. We believe that we are a community where both the students and their families are able to connect with one another and form relationships that will stand the test of time. Even though we have families from all over the world, we believe that our school brings us together, and at OWIS, we see ourselves as one family.

This philosophy is just one reason why we have included a state-of-the-art Multi-Purpose Hall in our building which is now fully-functional and ready for the students to utilise on a daily basis.

Discover the OWIS Multi-Purpose Hall

With close to 1,000 square meters of space, the air-conditioned Multi-Purpose Hall can transform into the exact facility that a student needs at a given time. Within the room is a performance stage complete with lighting, curtains and an LED backdrop, and there’s also a mezzanine viewing deck. In addition to being a performance venue, it also is a place for physical activity and competition. Basketball, badminton, gymnastics, dance and other indoor sports is enjoyed in this flexible, collaborative learning space. We are easily able to accommodate spectators to our indoor sports matches and provide a safe and usable environment for our students. Having a space that can be used for such a diverse range of activities was at the heart of the design. We wanted an area that would stand the test of time and be able to be enjoyed by all.

What is the Multi-Purpose Hall  Used For?

Students find that they spend a lot of time in the Multi-Purpose Hall, but for a variety of different reasons. Within this hall, student performances are held and indoor sporting events are played. In addition, it is the place where international celebrations will take place. Student exhibitions are held in the hall, giving them an opportunity to proudly display their work and showcase it to their parents, grandparents and friends. The students’ experiences are at the heart of the hall. Parent and student events are held in the hall, and assemblies are scheduled in this area of the school as well. There is endless opportunity for engagement within this inviting and welcoming space that was designed for global, interconnected students. The hall is the hub of the school, a renowned area where experiences will be shared, and memories made.

Innovative Features within the Multi-Purpose Hall

The fully-functional Multi-Purpose Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art features that enhance the learning experience for every student. Some noteworthy features include:

The LED Wall — The bright and brilliant wall provides students with a dynamic back drop that will enhance productions, performances and celebrations. The LED screen can help bring any student’s imagination to life.

4K Cameras — Innovative 4K cameras have been installed throughout the Multi-Purpose Hall so that events, celebrations and performances can be live streamed. This allows family members who cannot be physically present to immerse themselves in the learning experience. The school is not just for the students but for the family as a whole, and so this feature is extremely important to us.

Recognising that educating students who will go on to be active participants on a global scale requires more than strictly academic lessons, the administrators at OWIS sought to create an engaging, flexible space where students could pursue their passions. We encourage students to suggest ideas of use for the hall, get involved with setting it up for events and most of all, enjoy its flexibility.  The Multi-Purpose Hall is a space in the school where teachers, students and family members connect with one another in remarkable ways. We hope for it to be a location where new friendships, memories and life skills are made.

The Multi-Purpose Hall is just one space within our school where collaborative learning will take place. We know that a complete educational experience extends beyond the curriculum, and requires educators to provide its students with an exceptional learning environment. Please Contact Us today for more information on how our facilities will help your child thrive, or to Book a Campus Tour.