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School Magazine - ‘Reflections’

Learn more about our vibrant international school through our school magazine, ‘Reflections’. Read about the latest happenings at OWIS, perspectives of our school leaders, and much more.

School Calendar

Our school year is divided into four terms. Have a look at our school calendar for the academic year 2022-23.

School Calendar 2023-24

Take a look at our school calendar for the academic year 2023-24. 

School Calendar 2024-25

Take a look at our school calendar for the academic year 2023-24. 

International school education

Phonics Guide for Young Learners

Get our free ebook and find out why Phonics is such an effective reading programme for beginning readers (and how you can support your child’s learning at home). To get access to the e-book, please fill in the form below and we will email it right across to you.

Information guides for families relocating to Singapore

A Helpful Guide to Relocation to Singapore for Expat Families

Get our free essential guide for families relocating to Singapore and find out how to make your international relocation easier and smoother for your children. Based on conversations with hundreds of OWIS families who have made Singapore their home, this guide will give you useful tips on how to help your child through the process and things you should consider when choosing the right school for him or her. Please fill up the form to get the relocation guide in your inbox.

K-12 Education in Singapore 2022

With this e-book, you will gain an understanding of how the school system works in Singapore. With key information about the international school options available for your family, you will be one step closer to finalising the best school for your child. Please fill up the form and we will email the e-book on ‘K-12 Education in Singapore 2022’ right across to you.

OWIS CCA Brochure Term 4 2022-23

This sample brochure from Term 4 in 2022-23 will give you an overview of the CCAs we offer at OWIS Nanyang and Suntec. CCAs in our after-school programme play an important role in providing a well-rounded education at our international school in Singapore. Through these after-school CCAs at OWIS, your child will develop their interests and passions.

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