IB Primary Years Programme

OWIS IB PYP Overview

At One World International School, we offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) for students aged 3 – 11. The IB PYP at OWIS is underpinned by the English National Curriculum to implement age appropriate learning outcomes. Currently, OWIS Nanyang is accredited for IB PYP, our Digital Campus at Punggol will follow the same pathway.

What is the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)?

The IB PYP is an engaging, student-centred curriculum that teaches children to become independent, lifelong learners and critical thinkers. Its transdisciplinary framework allows students to explore various topics across subject areas, rather than merely memorising facts or studying topics in isolation. This makes it possible for students to expand their skills and knowledge and apply them in real-world contexts.

The IB PYP for Early Childhood and Primary School students at One World International School in Singapore supports the whole child, nurturing students’ academic, social and emotional development. This all-encompassing framework also focuses on international-mindedness and universal values, key characteristics of dynamic citizens and leaders.

IB Primary Years Programme

Key Features of the IB PYP

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By emphasising these 5 components, the PYP provides a rigorous programme for young learners, equipping them to excel in the classroom and beyond. This framework ensures that learning is engaging and relevant to the challenges of living in a diverse, 21st-century society.The IB PYP framework offers several advantages over other frameworks, especially in critical subject areas. According to an International Schools’ Assessment study conducted from 2009-2011, IB PYP students outperformed their non-PYP counterparts in reading, writing and mathematics. In a 2014 Australian study, PYP students surpassed the national average in nationwide science tests.

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IB PYP Curriculum

OWIS’ IB Primary Years Programme provides a host of opportunities to help students become well-rounded leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Here are just a few examples of how we put the PYP into practice:

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Service Projects

Service projects encourage children to get involved in the surrounding community, where they learn the value of serving others and making a difference.

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Exhibitions and other special events foster teamwork and communication whilst enabling students to showcase their skills and talents.

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Environment Stewardship

Students learn to be responsible stewards of the environment by participating in initiatives aimed at conserving precious natural resources.

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Technology Mastery

Students complete research and other projects using iPads, laptops and other devices. This teaches them not only to use technology responsibly but to become more adaptable as it continues to evolve.

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Organised sports, class discussions and other collaborative activities help students appreciate different roles and perspectives, instilling in them a sense of respect for themselves and others.

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Teachers take students' interests into account when planning the curriculum, empowering them to ask questions and take initiative to discover the answers.

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Inquiry-Based Approach

Students explore topics across different subject areas. For example, a unit on sharing the planet might include science lessons on natural resources, social science lessons on communities and interdependence and mathematics lessons on calculating population growth.

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Inquiry Led Framework

The PYP framework empowers students to take ownership of their learning through inquiry. This comprehensive approach also provides opportunities for teachers to collaborate so that they can hone their craft by staying current on best practices and innovative methods and learning new, creative ways to incorporate them into their classrooms.

Our dynamic campuses, with its flexible learning spaces and cutting-edge facilities, provides an ideal setting to implement the IB PYP. The IB PYP prepares children for subsequent secondary programmes and lays the foundation for students to become global citizens and leaders.

Engaging, Student-Centred Curriculum

The IB Primary Years Programme embodies an engaging, student-centred approach that empowers learners to become independent, lifelong scholars and critical thinkers. Rooted in a transdisciplinary approach in education, the PYP encourages students to explore real-world issues through inquiry-based learning, fostering curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

By integrating various subjects and incorporating students' interests into the curriculum, teachers cultivate an environment where every child's unique abilities are nurtured, and their voices are heard. Students are encouraged to actively participate in shaping their educational journey, preparing them to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Holistic Development

Holistic development lies at the heart of our educational philosophy, ensuring that students grow not only academically but also socially, emotionally, and ethically. The IB PYP curriculum fosters the whole child by promoting universal values, international-mindedness, and a sense of responsibility towards the community and the environment.

By nurturing their intellectual curiosity alongside their social and emotional intelligence, we equip students with the skills and mindset needed to thrive as compassionate, well-rounded global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Language Support and Co-Scholastic Learning Programmes

At OWIS, we welcome students from all over the world. For learners who are new to the English language, we offer robust support through our English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme. Please contact the Admissions Counsellor to find out more about this optional programme and how it will benefit your child.

Explore Our Co-Scholastic Learning Programmes

OWIS - Language Programme

Language Programme

Improve your child’s exposure to a second language and culture through our immersive language programme.

Music Programme

Music Programme

Find out how our students gain a solid foundation in music and how we incorporate music theory and music appreciation in our curriculum.

Sports Programme

Sports Programme

Explore our sports curriculum and find out how we support and prepare your child for both individual and team sports.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

Discover how we extend the learning experience for your child beyond the classroom walls while allowing for a mental and physical break during the day.

OWIS Secondary students creating art

Arts Programme

Understand how our Arts Programme uses the elements of visual, creative and performing arts to give your child an appreciation of the benefits of artistic expression.

Benefits of the IB PYP

The IB PYP is a world-renowned framework designed to develop children into curious, lifelong learners who are uniquely positioned to become leaders of the future. The top benefits of the IB PYP are:

IB PYP Students engaged in learning

1.  The IB PYP is an inquiry-led, concept-driven model of learning designed to instil a foundation of knowledge in each student.


2.  It is rooted in the IB Learner Profile, which encourages students to become self-aware individuals who are committed to contributing to their communities in a positive way.


3.  The structure of the IB PYP motivates students to become creative, innovative critical thinkers. Students are not only allowed to ask questions — they are encouraged to do so.


4.  The IB PYP makes connections to the real-world problems of today, allowing students to understand how to apply their learning in their own lives.


5.  This programme is often described as a holistic approach to education, as it focuses on the well-being of each individual in the school.

6.  Students in the IB PYP are independent, motivated learners who know that they have a choice and voice in their education and are more invested in the experience as a whole.

What Parents Have To Say About Our IB Primary School

OWIS Testimonial - Christina

Christina O.

OWIS places the children first. The ‘back to basics’ feeling of prioritising what matters forms the educational and social wellbeing of all students and is a plus for me. I also like that technology plays enough of a part within my children's studies but does not dominate basic skills towards literacy with reading, writing and presentation. There is very much a balance.

OWIS Testimonial - Chung An

Chung-An C.

I love the international exposure, strong second language curriculum and less stressful environment compared to other international schools. The fees are reasonable too.

OWIS Testimonial - Olga T

Olga T.

My son is growing there emotionally and intellectually. I can see the strong support of the teachers. It’s our second year with OWIS and the teachers are great; academically the results are amazing.

Why Choose OWIS for IB PYP Education

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Personalised Learning and Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Emphasis on small class sizes allowing for personalised care and attention.

Kind and Multicultural School Environment

Highlighting the school's commitment to kindness, diversity, and inclusivity.

Holistic Curriculum and Extracurricular Activities

Detailing the broad range of subjects and activities that ensure a well-rounded education.

Admissions & Eligibility

Our academic year runs from August to the end of June, but your child can begin their learning journey with us anytime during the school year. Our Admissions Team would be happy to guide you through the requirements of our application process. 

We have a nationality cap in place to ensure that our student body is diverse, and hence, we encourage you to get in touch with us at the earliest to ensure a space for your child.

Whether your child joins us at the beginning of the school year or in between, our educators will support them to settle in easily and feel at home in our multicultural environment. Contact us today!

PYP Singapore Frequently Asked Questions

The transition process for students moving from other curriculums to the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) at OWIS involves an orientation period, individualised support, and assessment to gauge each student’s prior knowledge and skills. Teachers provide additional assistance and resources as needed to help students adapt to the PYP’s inquiry-based approach and transdisciplinary framework.

OWIS supports students’ transition from early years to the PYP through a gradual approach. The school emphasises continuity in learning experiences, building upon foundational skills and knowledge acquired in the early years. Teachers provide a supportive environment, personalised learning opportunities, and guidance to help students develop the inquiry, communication, and self-management skills necessary for success in the PYP.

OWIS supports students’ preparation for secondary education after the PYP by focusing on holistic development, academic rigour, and the cultivation of essential skills. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with international standards and prepares students for secondary school education. Our students are prepared for the IGCSE curriculum with subjects like IGCSE maths and IGCSE chemistry. Thereafter, with preparations for the IB diploma programme in Singapore.

Additionally, OWIS provides guidance counselling, academic support, and opportunities for extracurricular involvement to help students make informed choices and succeed in their transition to secondary education.

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