Secondary School at OWIS Digital Campus in Punggol

International Secondary School in Punggol

One World International School (OWIS) Digital Campus offers a top-tier Secondary School education for students preparing for university and beyond. We welcome learners in Secondary School up to Grade 8 and we will expand up to Grade 12 in the future.

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Secondary School Curriculum

Our Secondary School in Punggol seamlessly integrates inquiry-based learning from our Primary School programme through a tailored curriculum for Grades 6 to 8, facilitating a smooth transition into Lower Secondary. This helps students adapt to new academic and social landscapes, fostering greater responsibility and independence while preparing them for a more rigorous Upper Secondary curriculum later on.

At the moment, our Punggol campus does not offer Secondary School education beyond Grade 8.  However, we are currently working on expanding our lesson offerings up to Grade 12. The projected timeline for Grade 9 curriculum will be August 2024.  When completed, the Grade 8 to Grade 12 programme will adopt a skills-based learning approach while nurturing a deep understanding of mandatory and elective subjects. With an approach based on internationally-recognised curricula, OWIS ensures our students will be well-prepared for tertiary education and beyond.

What to Expect in Secondary School at OWIS Digital Campus

We believe that secondary school education should instil academic rigour, foster a genuine love of learning, give due consideration to holistic development, and develop important skills like research, collaboration, and critical thinking. This is what you can expect at our new international Secondary School in Punggol:

High-Quality Teaching and Learning in a Supportive Environment

At OWIS Digital Campus, high-quality teaching and learning is our key focus area. Our experienced teachers nurture the academic skills — such as research, reasoning, and time management — that students need to achieve their academic goals and potential. Further, we also give equal importance to holistic and balanced development so that the school day is engaging and stimulating for our older students.

High-quality teaching
Inclusive, Multicultural Community

An Inclusive, Multicultural Community

OWIS Digital Campus is an inherently multicultural school community with a 30% nationality cap in place. Similar to OWIS Nanyang and Suntec, we model the core value of kindness and guide students to understand and empathise with the perspectives of others.

An Experience That Emphasises the Benefits of Digital Learning

The mindful use of technology in education offers students in our Secondary School in Punggol a vast range of benefits, such as accelerated learning. With the aid of technology, our educators will also be able to personalise concepts being explained in the classroom, so that learning  becomes deeper and more meaningful. Our Secondary students at OWIS Digital Campus will have access to the latest educational tools and devices,

At all times, learning will be balanced between digital devices and honing traditional academic skills. Students will also be educated on the best practices of digital citizenship, so they learn to navigate the digital world in a safe and responsible manner.


The Secondary School academic year at OWIS begins in August and concludes in July. However, interested families can register their interest online, with admissions open year-round subject to availability and other considerations. Our admissions team is on hand to guide you through every step, from initial inquiry to your child’s first day.

Find out more in our OWIS entry and admission requirements and OWIS application process. You may also reach out to us for more information.

Secondary School FAQs

The curriculum at our Secondary School in Punggol emphasises the mindful use of digital technology. While our students benefit from personalised teaching methods enhanced by the latest digital tools, we also ensure a balanced approach to learning. This includes fostering traditional academic skills alongside digital literacy, educating students on digital citizenship to navigate the online world safely and responsibly.

The OWIS Punggol Digital Campus features modern classrooms and facilities for holistic learning. This includes skill studios, sports fields, art studios, science labs and learning spaces with the latest classroom technology, ensuring a well-rounded and innovative educational experience for our Secondary School students.

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