Discover Limitless Learning With our State-of-the-Art Skills Studios at OWIS Digital Campus

Our Skills Studios offer dynamic, hands-on learning environment where students can develop essential life skills and explore their interests. These studios provide students with opportunities to hone skills in illustration, painting, creative design, photography, drama, dance, music, public speaking, scientific innovations, coding, robotics and more. 

Through these interactive, multidisciplinary experiences, students are empowered to discover their passions, enhance their problem-solving abilities and prepare for future challenges in a rapidly evolving world.

Our Skill Studios at OWIS Digital Campus

Visual and Art Studio

Equipped with a wide range of supplies and tools, students can explore diverse artistic mediums in our visual and art studio, from traditional techniques to digital innovations. Here, they not only hone technical skills but also cultivate critical thinking and cultural awareness through collaborative projects and exposure to global artistic influences.

Black Box Theatre

From acting and directing to technical production and design, our black box theatre is a creative space where students explore their creativity through the performing arts. With its intimate and flexible layout, it also provides the audience with a personalised viewing experience.

Dance Studio

Our vibrant dance studio is a space where students explore different dance styles under the guidance of our passionate teachers. Beyond honing technical skills in ballet, hip-hop, contemporary and cultural dances, our studio fosters creativity, builds confidence and promotes physical fitness.

Music Studio

Equipped with the latest instruments and advanced sound technology, our music studio offers students a creative space to explore various musical genres, develop technical skills and collaborate with peers. Regular recitals and school events offer students valuable performance experience, boosting their confidence and stage presence.

Science Labs

Our advanced labs for Chemistry, Biology and Physics provide students with an immersive environment for hands-on experimentation. From researching the nature of organisms to exploring the laws of motion and conducting chemical reactions, students gain practical insights that reinforce classroom learning.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab is outfitted with the latest technology and software, offering students a conducive environment to explore coding, multimedia production and research. With a focus on hands-on learning, this lab is a space for interactive workshops and collaborative projects, empowering students to develop critical thinking skills and adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

VR Studio

Designed to provide an immersive learning experience, our VR studio offers students engaging educational journeys that go beyond traditional boundaries. Here, students can explore diverse subjects based on their interests, from historical events to scientific phenomena, making learning more dynamic and interactive.

Environmental Spaces

Our butterfly and edible gardens provide students with inspiring spaces to embrace green living and practise sustainable behaviours. These environments not only deepen their understanding of ecological systems but also instil a sense of responsibility, empowering them to make meaningful contributions to a greener future. Here, students are encouraged to plant herbs and grow vegetables, fostering a hands-on appreciation for sustainability and eco-friendly living.

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