Learning Environment at OWIS Suntec

Situated within the renowned Suntec Convention Centre, OWIS Suntec provides the dual advantage of a unique location in Central Singapore and an innovative learning environment that fulfils the needs of our learners.

Technology Offerings at Suntec

At OWIS Suntec, we believe in the power of technology to support the achievement of learning outcomes. Through the mindful use of digital devices and educational technology, student learning becomes more engaging and personalised.

Technology in classrooms

At OWIS Suntec, every classroom is equipped with sophisticated digital tools such as Apple TVs, LED displays and advanced audio systems. Our teachers give considerable thought to incorporating multimedia content into every lesson to nurture student’s understanding of concepts. Further, these devices enhance the learning experience, when it comes to students collaborating and building on their digital literacy skills.

In Primary School, students also have access to a shared bank of iPads, which facilitates group work. Our rapid Wi-Fi supports all the learning objectives of the different grade levels.

Engaging Educational Software

Through the latest educational software and apps, we are able to make classroom instruction engaging and present concepts in an interesting way. Our students in Early Childhood and Primary School feel motivated and interested when they have the opportunity to acquire knowledge through multimedia platforms. Further, these educational apps allow personalisation for different stages of the learning journey, so students can deepen their understanding and feel the satisfaction of advancing when they are ready.
Engaging Educational Software
Parent Communication through User-friendly Apps

Parent Communication through User-friendly Apps

We leverage user-friendly apps to communicate with parents and engage them in the learning process. Through the use of these engagement platforms, parents are able to view samples of their child’s work, keep track of their progress, and communicate with the teachers. They are also able to support the learning process at home.

High-quality Infrastructure

Our databases and servers are secure, so that student data is well protected. We also have the latest surveillance systems in place so our campus is monitored all the time. This is part of our commitment to ensuring a safe learning environment for our students, where they are free to explore their interests and expand their knowledge.
High-quality Infrastructure

Come experience our welcoming OWIS Suntec school campus where learners feel nurtured and stimulated to learn.

Find out why this campus has been awarded as the Best New School in Singapore in 2022.

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