Pastoral Care Programme for Students at OWIS Suntec

At One World International School Suntec Campus, we are committing to nurturing our students and helping them become the best version of themselves. This extends beyond academic growth and knowledge acquisition into the world of holistic development and student well-being. Our pastoral care programme at OWIS Suntec is designed to protect the emotional well-being of our students while simultaneously creating a positive and kind culture across our campus.

What Student Well-Being Looks Like at OWIS Suntec

Our multifaceted Pastoral Care Programme focuses on –

Creating Lasting Connections

Creating Lasting Connections

Through our intimate learning environment and small class sizes, our students organically develop lasting connections with their peers and instructors.

Leading by Example

Staff members at OWIS Suntec are encouraged to lead by example and model positive behaviour and kindness, as this is the best way for students to learn how to act in a school setting. Our school leaders for pastoral care work closely with our teachers to help them do this.

Restorative Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are inevitable, and in fact, there is a lot of learning to be done through conflict. When conflict arises, we actively encourage involved parties to work together to discuss the issue, reflect on what occurred and develop a resolution that is acceptable to all involved.

Engaging Students in Classroom Policies
Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Engaging Students in Classroom Policies

Teachers work closely with their students early in the year to develop a Classroom Essential Agreement. By giving students a voice and choice in the rules of the classroom, all are more apt to uphold the agreement.

Providing Personalised Medical Care

OWIS Suntec has a clinic on campus that is staffed by an experienced and qualified nurse. The nurse is able to treat minor injuries and alerts parents in case there is any issue that requires urgent medical attention.

Promoting Mindfulness

Students learn to practise mindfulness not only in the classroom but also in any setting where it's required, allowing them to be more aware of themselves and the needs of others.

Prioritising Safety and Security While Building Confidence

We are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment where students feel comfortable and confident at all times.

Prioritising Safety
OWIS - Primiry school students in school ground

Student well-being is paramount to all of us at OWIS Suntec

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