American Curriculum school in Riyadh

OWIS Riyadh follows a comprehensive American curriculum accompanied by International Baccalaureate (IB) framework through best teaching and learning strategies.

Why choose the American curriculum for your child at One World International School in Riyadh!

Well-designed integrated learnin

We offer an integrated curriculum for Muslim students in accordance with Ministry of Education regulations. From Grade 1 and above, students are provided with Arabic and Islamic classes that are designed to help them gain a deep understanding of their cultural and religious roots. We also offer Arabic classes from PreKG, ensuring that students are exposed to a diverse range of languages at our American school in Riyadh from an early age.

American Curriculum Subjects at OWIS Riyadh

Best International American school programs for globalized growth

Our framework is fully aligned with the American Common Core and NGSS, which will empower students to take ownership of their learning through inquiry. areas, which lay the foundation for secondary program. In addition, dynamic campus, with its flexible learning spaces and cutting-edge facilities, provides an ideal setting to implement the programs.

Best educational standards

The Common Core Standards form the foundation of the American Curriculum, covering English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, World Language, Music, and Science through the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  The curriculum strives to set high expectations for all students along with promoting their intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being.

Emphasis on Language programs

At our American International School in Riyadh, we focus on evidence-based programs that provide students with an academic experience which is both challenging and rewarding.  Students tackle English, Science, Math, History in a manner that fosters creativity and intellectual development. Special Arabic, French, and English lessons are included to make our students proficient at a global level.

Kindness at the core of OWIS pedagogy

Kindness is integral to everything we do – from our curricula choices to our assessment practices. We impart socio-emotional learning in a way that makes students understand our emphasis on kindness and “what it means to be kind.” Our philosophy around kindness aims to equip our students with the skills and awareness they need to thrive in a global society.

Our kind and nurturing school environment results in:

OWIS Riyadh school students posing for a lively group photo


We believe in being an inclusive school which provides all kinds of support in academic and non-academic areas for the student to excel in all aspects of learning.

From holding reinforcement sessions for support to focusing on mental and physical well-being, we ensure that students get all kinds of support to lead a happy and productive life in school. 

Nurturing IB diploma program* for Quantum Leap into University life

Students can choose the IB DP in the last two crucial years of secondary school which will allow them to explore subjects that interest them and establish a solid educational foundation for university life.
Our IB DP will perfectly align with our mission and values, and nurture all aspects of a student’s development. The courses will be designed to support students as they grow intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. After graduating with their IB Diploma, students can be on the right path to become well-rounded, internationally-minded leaders.

* Pending IB Authorization


Why Choose Our Programme

Our curricula are designed to provide students with the academic framework they need to succeed in a global economy.

Many students who come from other countries are able to easily adapt to our curricula because it is offered at many of the other top international schools around the globe.

Our curricula emphasise the need for inquiry-led, skills and value-based learning.

What OWIS education will offer

Our quality Inquiry-based American education prioritizes excellence in academics as well as character development by teaching students timeless values in a safe environment.


Nursery, K1 & K2



Grade 1 to 6

Primary Co-ed School

Boys School

Grade 7 to 12

Boys School

Girls School

Grade 7 to 12

Girls School


Grade 11 and 12

Diploma Programs


The American Curriculum relies on the American Common Core State Standards, covering English, Language Arts, Math, History & Geography, and Next-Generation Science Standards. This allows for greater flexibility in customising the curriculum to meet individual needs, fostering creative freedom in the educational process.
While American Curriculum schools may follow a similar academic calendar, they often align with the local calendar in Riyadh, including holidays and breaks.
English is the primary language of instruction in American Curriculum schools, with a focus on developing strong language skills in students. Curriculum at OWIS Riyadh incorporates dedicated Arabic and French lessons to ensure students achieve proficiency on a global scale.
American education blends factual knowledge, figures, and data with a problem-solving-oriented curriculum that encourages collaboration, trial-and-error approaches, and risk-taking. This approach exposes students to limitless opportunities on a global scale.

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We are an IB PYP Candidate School

Admissions Open for Pre-Kg to Grade 5

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