Our Mission and Vision

At One World International School, our mission is to develop inquiring, compassionate, reflective lifelong learners who respect all cultures and care for our world. We believe every child should have equitable access to best-in-class future-proofed education.

Every day at OWIS, we take heart in the exemplary behaviour of our students, which shows our progress in this mission. We praise the way our youngest learners help their teachers with small acts of kindness or in their excitement when they learn something new within classrooms and outdoors. We applaud our primary students as they collaborate with each other in our inquiry-based approach to push the boundaries of their personal knowledge and skills. We feel immensely proud of our secondary cohort when they show maturity of character for in-depth studies and understand the importance of balancing academics and personal pursuits and giving back to society.

Academic results, while immensely important, are just one part of the big picture. Fostering a strong value system in our students that will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives requires as much attention. All our experienced and passionate teachers focus on both these aspects at OWIS.

Our Vision

We aspire to be leaders in providing world-class quality and affordable education to all students with an emphasis on values, collaboration, creativity and service to others.

How We Achieve Our Vision

Thoughtfully Priced Fees

We are committed to offering international families in Singapore with a moderate fee structure. This ensures that our doors are open to every student who dreams of a world-class educational experience without compromise.

Internationally Recognised Curricula

We have adopted the IB PYP, Cambridge, IGCSE and IB-DP curricula. These inquiry-based programmes nurture creativity, curiosity and the spirit of collaboration in students. They form the pillars of our objective of providing a future-proof education.

Extensive School Facilities

We believe quality education is incomplete without co-scholastic learning. Our students benefit from varied co-curricular activities, well-appointed sports and arts facilities, and an expansive library, all of which build different facets of their personalities.

Focus on core values

We consider kindness and respect for diversity as our core values. Our multicultural student and teacher communities benefit from each other’s varied experiences both in the classroom and through special initiatives.

Service to Society

We foster the idea of connectedness and encourage our students to give back to society for the well-being of our world. Through community service activities, our learners recognise the positive impact they can make both during and after their schooling years.

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Our School Values

The IB Learner Profile is the centre of our learning community along with the OWIS One World, One Community model promoting kindness and compassion​.

Our school is an internationally minded community of learners with responsibilities as global citizens​.

All individual members of our community are valued and have a right to be heard.

We encourage respect and open communication from everyone within our community.

We allow students to develop in a safe and caring learning environment.

We encourage collaboration and cooperation within our community in an inquiring and reflective environment.

We strive for personal growth and academic excellence for all members of our community.

Curious about the enriching learning experiences your child can have at OWIS?

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