The OWIS curricula are designed to give a challenging and rewarding academic experience to students. From early childhood through secondary school, our learning atmosphere offers a rich journey to prepare students for a rewarding university life.

We Offer Multiple Curricula at OWIS:


International Baccalaureate (PYP, MYP, DP)


Central Board of Secondary Education (Grade 9-10)

We are the best international school in Bangalore for IB education, a legacy of excellence in education for meaningful learning outcomes. Our choice of value-based curricula aims at fostering students’ curiosity and creativity by putting them at the centre of learning.

Why Choose Our Programmes

Our curriculum introduces young students to explore multidisciplinary subjects and evolve with real-world experiences.

Our diverse learning environment and emphasis on values-based education allows students to grow to be global citizens.

Through skill-based education, students are nurtured for the best university life in future.

Best Learning Standards with Modern Facilities

Our IB Continuum and CBSE based education programs centre around the socio-emotional well-being of students. They are nurtured in a safe and welcoming environment with an inclination towards international-mindedness needed to become global citizens. We have ensured all the present-day facilities for our students from Kindergarten to High School for the best benefits of classroom learning.

Kindness At The Core of OWIS Pedagogy

Kindness is integral to everything we do – from our curricula choices to our assessment practices. We impart socio-emotional learning in a way that makes students understand our emphasis on kindness and “what it means to be kind.” Our philosophy around kindness aims to equip our students with the skills and awareness they need to thrive in a global society.

Our kind and nurturing school environment results in:

Happy, aware, caring children

Heightened self-esteem

Improvement of general health

Reduction of stress

Readiness to be independent in the world