Leading International High School in Sarjapur

OWIS has been a leader in cutting edge IB education for over two decades. We believe in holistic education that nurtures all aspects of a child’s personality. Students are given various platforms to build strong pillars of courage, character, creativity and competence within themselves through a holistically designed curriculum.

High School Education at Sarjapur Campus in Bangalore

Real World Connections

We, at OWIS ensure that our students get real-world exposure through experiential learning. Academic learning includes projects and research designed to suit the demands of students in Grades 5 to 10. We use subject integration and interdisciplinary teaching approaches to  develop meaningful learning connections and associations.

Student-centered Learning

We follow a  student centric approach, where the onus of learning shifts from the teacher to the student. All our faculty are experts in their chosen subjects and act as mentors to the students guiding them to become independent learners who are self-directed and motivated. We go beyond the textbooks and connect knowledge to the real world. OWIS has an effective system of assessment that ensures that every learner is geared to move on to the next level of learning.

Strong Pillars of Character

OWIS believes in holistic education where ethical  and moral virtues  play a very important role along with knowledge and skill development. The 4Cs that form the core pillars of OWIS are:

Courage: We encourage our students to face challenges with confidence and determination and to learn from their mistakes thereby sowing the seeds of Growth Mindset.

Character: OWIS prioritises building of character based on the values of kindness and compassion.

Creativity : We give our students wonderful opportunities to explore and showcase their creative abilities.

Competence:Our students cultivate their competence through participating in various activities that are an integral part of their curriculum.

University and Career Planning Support

To ensure our education programmes are as supportive and nurturing as they can be, all secondary students have access to our Pastoral Care programme.

We also offer career planning resources and university application guidance, so your child can find the most suitable university placements based on their unique goals, ambitions and aspirations.

Qualified, Engaging and Experienced Teachers

Your child has a team of dedicated and dynamic teachers to rely on every step of their learning journey through secondary and higher secondary school education. We select teachers based on their experience, qualifications, and shared values.

Every teacher is uniquely qualified to teach international students and is personally invested in the growth and success of your child, both as a student and an individual.

Why Consider High Schooling at OWIS Sarjapur?

Global Context and Inquiry-Based Learning

The MYP curriculum is structured around global contexts that connect learning to real-world issues, while encouraging students to ask questions and develop curiosity.

International Mindedness

The program promotes an international mindset, fostering intercultural awareness and global understanding.

Service Learning and Personal Project

The MYP incorporates service learning, encouraging students to make a positive impact in the world. Students get an opportunity to pursue their passion through a personal project in their final year.

Conceptual Understanding and Interdisciplinary Approach

The MYP offers an interdisciplinary framework and emphasises understanding concepts and connections between subjects, thus encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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