Leading International High School in Whitefield

OWIS is renowned for its holistic education, making it one of the leading International High Schools in Bangalore. Our Experiential Learning Methodology mentored by our expert faculty makes our students emerge as self-directed learners.

OWIS Bangalore High School

Holistic Development

We promote holistic development of students through a balanced methodology of teaching and learning. Students are provided experiential learning opportunities through projects and research-based activities. Academic concepts are  reinforced through different platforms to enhance the learning experience.

Strong subject expertise

Our faculty have strong subject expertise and guide and mentor our students at every step. Our learning is student-centric, and we encourage our students to become self-directed learners. Our learning extends beyond the four walls of classroom and textbooks, into the real-world where the knowledge acquired can be well applied.

Self-Directed Learning

We create independent thinkers and go-getters, who have the toolkit of knowledge, skills, and mindset to emerge as successful global citizens of the future. Our students foster a love for learning that extends beyond the four walls of their classrooms.

University and Career Planning Support

To ensure our education programmes are as supportive and nurturing as they can be, all secondary students have access to our Pastoral Care programme.

We also offer career planning resources and university application guidance, so your child can find the most suitable university placements based on their unique goals, ambitions and aspirations.

Qualified, Engaging and Experienced Teachers

Your child has a team of dedicated and dynamic teachers to rely on every step of their learning journey through secondary and higher secondary school education. We select teachers based on their experience, qualifications, and shared values.

Every teacher is uniquely qualified to teach international students and is personally invested in the growth and success of your child, both as a student and an individual.

Why Consider High School Education at OWIS Whitefield?

Making Students World-Ready

Our students learn competences that help them to become successful in all arenas of their lives. We build a strong foundation for future success.

Building 21st Century Skills

We nurture important 21st century skills like Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity that help our students become well-rounded individuals.

Core Character Values

While building strong skills and academic competence, we also promote universal human values like kindness and empathy. Our students become competent and compassionate citizens.

Creating Lifelong Learners

Our students become self-directed learners who foster a love for lifelong learning. This enables them to keep upgrading their knowledge and skills to thrive in the fast changing world.

Learn more about our teachers and our child-centred teaching methodology.

Discover why our rigorous and holistic curriculum helps shape and raise internationally minded and confident lifelong learners.