Leading Kindergarten School in Whitefield Bangalore

OWIS is recognised among the leading kindergarten schools in Whitefield for its enriching Early Childhood Education. We provide enriching learning experiences that nurture the young minds in these crucial foundational years. Our teaching methodologies are designed to give them a valuable base for lifelong learning.

Early Childhood Education at OWIS Whitefield

Enriching learning experiences

At OWIS, we believe that education is a blend of academics and character building. We strive to provide enriching learning experiences to strengthen the  foundational years of their learning journey. Through exploratory activities, we nurture the intellect of our students. We also instill values of kindness and respect into our early childhood enrichment for holistic development.

Balanced Curriculum

We ensure a balanced mix of play and age-appropriate curriculum to shape the learning journey of our kindergartners. Our teaching methods are age-appropriate to optimize the learning experience . The seeds of 21st century skills like communication, collaboration and creativity are planted from early on to help our young students become prepared to take on the challenges of the future with ease.

Core Values

Our core values instill feelings of kindness, empathy and equality while fostering global-mindedness and inter-cultural awareness among our students. We plant the seeds of core human values right from kindergarten years to ensure deep roots.

Activity based learning

We ensure that our students learn by doing activities that reinforce the concepts learned.Our thoughtfully designed curriculum with age-appropriate activities make learning fun. Our curriculum is learner-centric and we give our young learners the opportunity to explore and lead their own learning.

Why Consider Early Childhood Education at OWIS Whitefield?

Individualized Attention

We give every learner a chance to develop their unique potential by giving them individual attention to gauge their needs. Our teacher-student ratios are optimal to provide the right amount of nurturing

Age-Appropriate Curriculum and Activities

Our thoughtfully designed curriculum ensures maximum learning through developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Students have the right amount of fun and challenge to balance their learning.

Good Value for Money

The students are exposed to the best of international kindergarten learning experiences at a fraction of the international costs. We go the extra mile to provide an exceptional learning experience for our students at an affordable cost.

Safe and nurturing environment

Our learning spaces are aesthetically pleasing and very secure, keeping the kindergarten age and stage in mind. Every nook and corner of the classrooms and learning areas promote learning.

Learn more about our teachers and our child-centred teaching methodology.

Discover why our rigorous and holistic curriculum helps shape and raise internationally minded and confident lifelong learners.