House System at OWIS Riyadh

At One World International School Riyadh, our house system fosters teamwork, resilience and compassion. There are 4 houses which are named after  trees found in the different continents where our students come from. These are Willow, Wisteria, Flame, and Acacia.

Willow House: Balanced, Open minded and Reflective

The Willow, with its graceful, bending branches, symbolizes adaptability and resilience. Just as the willow can bend without breaking, the Willow House encourages students at our International school in Riyadh, to embrace change, face challenges, and grow stronger through their experiences.

Joyful primary school student planting a vibrant young flower with enthusiasm
The student from Wisteria House at OWIS Riyadh is currently engaged in the school library

Wisteria House: Caring, Curiosity and Creativity

In many cultures, the Wisteria tree signifies wisdom and the passage from youth to maturity. Wisteria House represents the journey of our students at our American school in Riyadh as they blossom into young adults, gaining wisdom and grace through their academic and personal endeavors.

Flame House: Knowledgeable, Risk-taker and Confidence

Flame house encourages students to pursue their dreams with steady sincerity, reminding them that they possess the power to make a difference in the world. Just as the flame tree stands tall and vibrant, so do the students of Flame House rise to challenges with a burning desire to succeed.

OWIS Riyadh primary school students
OWIS Acacia House Student

Acacia House: Principled, Tolerance and Commitment

Acacia House embodies the spirit of support and unity among our students. It’s a place where students learn to care for one another and reminds them that prosperity is not just about individual success but also about nurturing a thriving and inclusive community.

By combining mindfulness with purposeful technology integration, we aim to create an empowering and enriching digital learning environment that equips our students with essential skills for success in the digital age and beyond.

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