Digital Eco System

At OWIS Riyadh, we take pride in being an Apple-powered school that embraces the transformative potential of digital technology in education. Our commitment to providing a future-ready learning experience is exemplified by our comprehensive digital identification system, ensuring a seamless and secure environment for all our students.

How do we follow mindful digital learning at OWIS Riyadh?

Nurturing the 4'C Skills

Our digital literacy sessions are designed to empower our students with the essential 4C skills – Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking. These skills are fundamental in preparing learners for the challenges of the 21st-century and beyond.

OWIS Riyadh primary school student
Group of primary schoolstudents engaged in a science experiment

Specialized apps for skill development

At our international school in Riyadh we utilize specialized apps for skill development to enhance various aspects of our students’ learning journey. This includes Padlet, OUR Story 2, Makerspace Empire and ScratchJR. These platforms serve as an entry point into coding and programming concepts, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging manner. For Early Childhood learning we use a selection of apps that lay the foundation for reading, writing, phonics, and numeracy skills. These apps include:
  • Khan Academy Kids
  • Vooks
  • Raz Kids
  • IXL
  • Starfall 
  • Topmarks 
  • Abcya

Facial recognition for student safety

To ensure the safety of our students, we have implemented a sophisticated facial recognition system at the school entrances. This system allows us to accurately identify and verify the identity of individuals accessing the premises.

Facial Recognition technology at OWIS Riyadh

By combining mindfulness with purposeful technology integration, we aim to create an empowering and enriching digital learning environment that equips our students with essential skills for success in the digital age and beyond.

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