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The arts are a vital component of education that goes far beyond mere aesthetics — they play a pivotal role in nurturing creativity, enhancing cognitive skills, and fostering personal growth. At One World International School (OWIS) Digital Campus*, the Arts Programme begins in the Early Years with an immersive approach and continues through the Primary and Secondary Years Programme. In this blog, we will take a closer look at how OWIS Digital Campus embraces the arts to foster a well-rounded education for students. Visual Arts Visual arts are not just about painting and drawing — they are a gateway to self-expression, creativity, and innovation. The visual arts programme at OWIS Digital Campus is designed to encourage students to explore their artistic potential. Students have access to a fully equipped art studio that is brimming with tools and materials to help bring their ideas to life. One of the notable aspects of our visual arts programme is its emphasis on interdisciplinary learning. Students often find that their art projects integrate with other subjects, making their learning experience more engaging and practical. For instance, a history class might see students creating intricate models of historical monuments, or a science class might involve making detailed illustrations of biological processes. This interdisciplinary approach not only makes learning more enjoyable but also allows students to understand complex concepts more deeply. Our visual arts programme goes beyond creating beautiful paintings; it encourages students to think critically and innovatively while honing their artistic skills. Performing Arts Music Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries, and it is a language that is spoken eloquently at OWIS Digital Campus. The school’s music programme is designed to cater to students at all levels of musical expertise. Whether your child is a novice or an aspiring virtuoso, our music programme offers a wide range of opportunities to explore and express themselves. From learning to play a musical instrument to singing in a choir, students have access to experienced and dedicated music teachers who nurture their talent and passion for music. These educators not only teach the technical aspects of music but also instil the importance of teamwork and discipline, skills that extend far beyond the music room. Our school will also host regular recitals and concerts, providing students with the opportunity to showcase their musical talents. These performances are not just a chance to demonstrate their skills but also an avenue for personal growth and increased self-confidence. Drama Drama is a unique art form that combines elements of literature, performance, and storytelling. Our drama programme is centred on developing students’ creativity, communication skills, and self-confidence. Drama classes not only teach students to perform on stage but also equip them with valuable life skills. Our dedicated drama studio is a space where students can experiment with various forms of dramatic expression. From improvisational theatre to scripted plays, OWIS Digital Campus encourages students to step into the shoes of different characters and explore a wide range of emotions. Drama also fosters a sense of empathy as students learn to understand and portray the emotions, experiences, and perspectives of others. This helps in building a more inclusive and compassionate community within the school. Dance Dance is a powerful and expressive art form that celebrates the body’s movement and rhythm. At OWIS Digital Campus, our dance programme is a dynamic and vibrant part of the Arts curriculum. Students are exposed to various dance styles, from classical ballet to contemporary dance, and are encouraged to find their unique rhythm. Our dance classes focus on physical fitness, coordination, and self-expression. Our instructors cultivate a nurturing environment, enabling students to explore their potential and hone their talents. Dance is not just an art form; it is also a form of physical activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Our students get the opportunity to engage in regular physical activity while simultaneously honing their artistic skills. The Arts Programme at OWIS Digital Campus is a testament to our commitment to providing a holistic and well-rounded education. Visual arts, music, drama, and dance are not just extra-curricular activities but essential components of the curriculum that contribute to students’ personal growth, creativity, and academic success. By embracing and promoting the arts, we ensure that our students are well-prepared for a future that demands creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate effectively in various forms. Whether your child is an aspiring artist, musician, actor, or dancer, OWIS Digital Campus provides the platform and support needed to help them reach their full creative potential. Come and join the vibrant and inspiring world of the Arts Programme at OWIS Digital Campus and unleash your child’s creative spirit. For more information about OWIS Digital Campus, please visit this page or contact us. *Proposed site for an international school that will open in 2023, subject to regulatory approvals. Classes for Early Childhood to Grade 8 for AY 2023-24 commenced on 28 August 2023 at an adjacent campus.
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