Tips for finding the Best International School in Bangalore, India

A good and successful life cannot be imagined without proper education which is the basic necessity. Therefore, it is vital to choose the best schools in Whitefield Bangalore offering the finest education. The best school contributes in shaping a bright future for its students in its inclusive learning environment.

Within no time, Bangalore has gained the reputation as the popular educational hub hosting many top-rated IB schools in Sarjapur Bangalore. But, how to ensure which one is the best amongst the potential names?

It can be really challenging to choose a particular name amidst so many appealing names. However, fortunately, some key factors can make the selection easy. Want to explore some effective tips for an easy selection of the best international school in Bangalore?

Useful Tips To Find Bangalore’s Best International School

1. Accreditation and Curriculum:

The reputed international schools in Bangalore are well-known to follow the globally recognized curriculums like IGCSE, IB, etc. Every curriculum attracts students with its benefits; thus, you should research and analyze them in detail. It is important to choose a school offering the right curriculum matching your child’s learning needs and styles for better engagement.

Besides choosing the international curriculum, look for the school accredited by the recognized international organizations. A well-accredited school ensures to match the high standards of education to prepare future leaders. You can be sure that your child understands global perspectives to interconnect with people of different cultures and languages.

2. School Faculty and Student-Teacher Ratio:

While looking for the best international school, never ignore analyzing the expertise of the school faculty and staff members. The school faculty plays an important role to support and guide the students to achieve future success. Thus, teachers should have the right knowledge, skills, and qualifications to offer personalized learning experiences to individual students.

Moreover, the teachers should be well-trained to understand the diverse learning styles of different students. Talk to the teachers and staff to understand how they treat and handle the student’s needs. Also, check the student-teacher ratio to ensure that your child gets undivided individual attention for better learning, assistance, and support.

3. School Infrastructure and Facilities:

Irrespective of how qualified and experienced the teachers are, the best IB schools in Whitefield Bangalore should be well-equipped. Modern infrastructural facilities simply enhance the learning experience of your child. Moreover, the advanced technologies and facilities keep the students engaged and motivated for lifelong learning without any additional pressure.

Choose a school that has enough space for playgrounds, labs, libraries, extracurricular activities, science labs, etc. All this contributes to the holistic growth of the students accompanied by the development of the essential skills. Ensure that the school uses the latest technologies to give global exposure to your child.

4. Parental Communication and Involvement:

The holistic development of the students majorly depends on the role of the school, teachers, and education quality. However, it also depends on the involvement of the parents in the educational journey of their child.

A school that encourages frequent communication and involvement of parents simply boosts the learning experience of the students. This ensures that the students get balanced support and guidance in school as well as at home. It also keeps the parents aware and transparent about their child’s learning needs, style, and achievements.

A school that hosts regular meetings, activities and events to encourage active parental participation is surely the best choice. As a parent, ensure your involvement in the educational journey of your child to give them the support they need.

5. Visit the Schools:

Last but not least; consider visiting the school once before making any final decisions. Consider the exact location of the school, its infrastructure, maintenance, and its proximity to your place. If possible, choose a school nearby to your place so your child doesn’t see it as a burden.

Upon your visit to the school, make sure to analyze the academic track records of the school. Also, get an idea about the extracurricular activities that the school hosts that aim for the holistic growth of your child. Your visit can help you choose the best school for your child.


The right school will help your child to start learning and achieving new skills at an early age. As your child will spend a lot of his time in the school, he should be rightly supported, assisted and guided. Remember, the right school will be helpful to offer an enriching educational journey to your child.

As you look through the various IB schools in Sarjapur Bangalore, give your focused attention to OWIS Bangalore. With its world-class education and academic excellence, the school prepares the students to achieve success in the globalized world. Its blend of cultural diversity, extracurricular activities, parental involvement, spacious educational landscape, etc. makes it a perfect choice for parents seeking international education for their children.

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