Students enjoyed a delightful Literacy Week celebrating the joy of reading

During the week students were encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings about the stories they learnt by creating reflection posters. These posters served as a creative outlet for our students to share their insights and favorite moments from their reading adventures.

The week also featured a selection of engaging books, including “The Smart Cookie” and “A Cool Bean.” Our 5th-grade students played a special role by becoming reader volunteers. They shared their love for reading with kindergarten students, helping them discover the joys of books. Additionally students exchanged books with their classmates, fostering a culture of book sharing and discussion among peers.

The celebration was wrapped up with a fantastic Book Character Dress-Up Day. Students came to school dressed as their favorite literary heroes, bringing beloved book characters to life. This day encouraged creativity and allowed students to showcase their enthusiasm for reading in a fun and interactive way.

The combination of storytelling, reflection, book exploration, and reader volunteerism created a rich and immersive experience that will undoubtedly have a long-term impact on our students’ reading habits.

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