Disney World came alive at OWIS Riyadh’s Winter Concert!

In a dazzling display of talent and pure joy, our school recently hosted a Disney-themed winter concert that left everyone, from parents to the OWIS team, spellbound. The atrium was adorned with twinkling lights, colorful decorations, and beautiful Disney-themed backdrops, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

From classic princess ballads to upbeat tunes that had everyone tapping their feet, the concert was a celebration of the timeless joy that Disney brings to people of all ages. Laughter, applause, and cheers echoed through the corridors as families bonded over shared memories and the joy of seeing their children shine on stage.

The OWIS team played a pivotal role in orchestrating this amazing evening, demonstrating not only their dedication to education but also their commitment to fostering a sense of community within the school. The winter concert was not just a performance; it was a celebration of the creativity, talent, and unity that defines our school.


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