Saudi Founding Day celebrations at OWIS Riyadh

OWIS Riyadh spared no effort in making Saudi Founding Day celebrations memorable! Parades were organized adorned with vibrant colors meandering through the campus, showcasing the essence of Saudi tradition. Intricate henna designs, face painting and traditional dances transported everyone to the heart of Saudi Arabia, bringing a sense of unity and pride.

We also had a special guest as our primary grade students took part in an informative session with artist, Ms. Alia Aldiqs from the Synergy Art Club. Ms. Alia Aldiqs shared her journey as an artist deeply rooted in the rich culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Founding Day celebrations at OWIS Riyadh was a day to celebrate the beauty of diversity, where students from various backgrounds came together to honor and appreciate the culture and legacy of the nation. In a world where borders may separate, events like these serve as reminders of the unifying power of culture and community.

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