Logo of One World International School

The Mission

At One World International School in Japan, our mission is to develop inquisitive, compassionate, reflective lifelong learners who respect all cultures and care for our world.

We believe every child should have equitable access to best-in-class future-ready education.

Our Vision

We aspire to be leaders in providing world-class quality and affordable International education to all students with an emphasis on values, collaboration, creativity and service to others.

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How We Achieve Our Vision

Mindful-priced fees

We are dedicated to offering families a well-organised education at a thoughtful price. We embrace every student who aspires to study a world-class learning experience with the academic ecosystem they deserve.

Globally-recognised curricula

We aspire to be a school that will offer an international curriculum of world-class standards. We will be applying for candidacy for International Baccalaureate Early Childhood and Primary Years Programme

Student-friendly facilities

We believe quality education is incomplete without co-scholastic learning. Our students benefit from varied co-curricular activities, well-appointed sports and arts facilities, and an expansive library, all of which build different facets of their personalities.

Focus on core values

We consider kindness and respect for diversity as our core values. Our multicultural student and teacher communities benefit from each other’s varied experiences both in the classroom and through special initiatives.

Nurturing responsible citizens

We foster the idea of social mindedness and encourage our students for the well-being of our world. Through community service activities, our learners recognise the positive impact they can make both during and after their schooling years.

Curious about the enriching learning experiences your child can have at OWIS?

At OWIS Osaka & Tsukuba, we aim to nurture your child’s learning skills and independent personality in a warm, embracing and truly international school environment.

Stay tuned to know more about our approach to education and find out how OWIS is the best option for your child.

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