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Below you can view all OWIS Osaka access maps.

These detail the location of the school and the best way to get to us by car, train and bus.


OWIS Osaka is located on the site of the former Kyu-sono Elementary School.

Our school’s address is 3-1-39 Shariji, Ikuno-ku, Osaka 544-0022,

Map of the school

Firstly, if it is your first time visiting our campus, you may want to familiarise yourself with the names of the different school buildings and the positions of our four gates. This will help you to arrive at the best entrance for the purpose of your visit.

For Internal maps of the school, including room numbers and layout, please contact our admissions counsellor at admissions.osaka@owis.org


When it comes to getting to our school, OWIS has got you covered. Here are the methods you can reach us by:

Visitor Access

Car Access & Parking

We are happy to say that there are several nearby paid car parks which you can use to access our school.

The list of car parks shown in the parking access map is not a complete list but represents those car parks that we most recommend based on the closeness to the school and the number of parking spaces:

Please be aware that you cannot park directly at the campus.

Train Access

  • English
  • Japanese

We are accessible from the following stations:

–  JR Momodani Station | 20 minutes walk
– JR Teradacho Station | 17 minutes walk
– Tennoji Station | 15-minutes ride on Osaka City Bus No. 13.

You can either walk from these train stations to the school, or use the on-demand shuttle bus below to finish your journey. 

City Bus Access

This image + table outlines the quickest and easiest ways to get to our school by City bus:

You can either walk from these bus stops to the school, or use the on-demand shuttle bus below to finish your journey.

On-Demand Ikuno-ku Shuttle Bus

You can now access our school from anywhere in Ikuno Ward, via the on-demand shuttle bus, including:

JR Teradachou station
JR Toubushijou Mae station
JR & Osaka Metro Tsuruhashi station
Osaka Metro Imazato station
Osaka Metro Shouji station
Osaka Metro Kitatatsumi station
Osaka Metro Minami Tatsumi station

The cost is just ¥110 for children and ¥210 for adults for any journey between two on-demand bus stops.

You can find a map with the full list of digital bus stops for the on-demand shuttle bus here.

Simply download the E Metro app and you can select ワンワルドインタナショナルスクル or 舎利寺90 as your destination.

Additional Access for School Children

Car Bay Drop-off

During 08:10-08:30 and 15:40-16:00, the school’s Gate 3 is temporarily open for parents to drop-off and pick-up their children on school days.

Note that there is no visitor parking on campus.

The below images illustrate the procedure for picking-up and dropping off:

OWIS School Bus

OWIS students also have the option of using the bus schedule is subject to change as the school grows and we add additional buses and bus routes to the timetable.

Cost Per Student Per Term
Port Town Nishi
20.6 km
11.4 km
6.4 km
Tanimachi 6 Chome
5.5 km
4.4 km
2.1 km
Cost Per Student Per Term
29.4 km
Sakaisuji Hommachi
7.0 km
2.7 km

*One way bus option and price structure is also available.


For a detailed schedule of our bus routes, including pick-up and drop-off times and exact bus stop locations, please get in touch with our admissions team at admissions.osaka@owis.org

If you have any questions about how to get to the school,

feel free to get in touch with our friendly admissions staff who can guide you further