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An Overview of the OWIS Osaka Campus

Our campus is designed with a harmonious combination of high-tech infrastructure and traditional cultural aesthetics, allowing for a smooth and rewarding learning experience. From well-stocked libraries to interactive classrooms and extracurricular spaces, our campus is a hub for best-in-class holistic education that prepares students for the future.

Discover the OWIS difference in Osaka

Personalized Learning

Our personalized and SMART learning approach ensures that every student receives the individual attention they need to achieve their full potential. Experience a unique learning environment with English, Japanese, and Mandarin language support, setting us apart from other international schools in Osaka

Multicultural & Inclusive Environment

Step into an immersive international environment where diversity is celebrated, providing a truly global perspective for your child’s education. Our emphasis on kindness, inclusivity, and community makes sure that everyone at OWIS Osaka feels a strong sense of belonging and school identity. 

Inquiry-Based Curricula

Your child’s education is in the hands of our qualified native-speaking professionals, providing personalized guidance through the International Baccalaureate curriculum. Dedicated IB-qualified educators to prepare students to be future global leaders.

Our Academic Framework at OWIS

We offer Inquiry-based International education which prioritises excellence in academics and overall value-based development.


At OWIS Osaka, we will provide exceptional International education to students which will give them exposure to learning in a globalised academic environment.

Our curriculum will be underpinned by international standards and development programs, allowing students to explore multiple learning environments through a globally recognised learning approach.


Junior Secondary School

Our international curriculum will promote critical thinking and creativity, so young learners will be well-prepared for the challenges of high school.


Senior Secondary School

A rigorous and goal-oriented learning experience that will prepare learners for a fruitful university life and a well-defined career path.

Why choose OWIS?

At OWIS, we offer a well-balanced education based on structured learning, modern teaching methods and carefully chosen, world-class, curricula.

Through the rigorous yet stress-free and engaging learning experience we provide, students flourish academically, emotionally and intellectually.

When children can see the real-life application of what they learn, they become more independent and eager to try new things. Our enquiry driven approach lets children see real-life application of what they learn, making them more independent and inquisitive.

Message from the Principal: Building a Global Community at One World International School in Osaka

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the newly launched One World International School in Osaka, where we are committed to building a vibrant and inclusive community of learners from around the world.
As the Founding Principal of OWIS Osaka, I am keen to build a team of talented educators who are dedicated to creating a nurturing learning environment that will enable students to achieve their full potential. Our aim is to provide a holistic education that is both rigorous and relevant, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world…”

Greg Culos

Principal, OWIS Osaka

A Snapshot of Campus Features

At OWIS Osaka, we do our best to help our students thrive academically and personally, and our modern campus infrastructure testifies our commitment to ensuring the best possible quality of life for our students.

Life at the OWIS Osaka Campus

The design of the OWIS Osaka campus is driven by our objective to promote a positive and progressive learning environment that supports a rewarding learning journey for all of our students. We have included modern learning spaces and dedicated areas for play and extracurricular activities, which facilitate our students’ holistic wellbeing and promote a sense of belonging on the campus. 

Community at OWIS Osaka

One World One Community

We believe in the one-world-one-community philosophy where every voice matters. OWIS is proud of our multicultural student body, who study together in peace and harmony.

arts culture at OWIS

Arts & Culture

OWIS honours, respects, celebrates all cultures through cultural events and visual art performances. This goes a long way to help students become successful global citizens of the future.

Amusement & Fun

Our campus features dedicated recreation areas where students can enjoy moments of leisure. They have the liberty to spend time and enjoy meals at the Caesars Kitchen and at our thoughtfully-designed indoor and outdoor play areas.

See What Parents Have to Say About Our Campus

We invite you to visit our campus, and see for yourself what makes OWIS Osaka special.