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Top-Tier Senior Secondary School Programme
at Tsukuba

OWIS Tsukuba Senior Secondary School ranges from ages 16 – 18 (Senior High School, Upper Secondary School, College, Sixth-Form, Grammer School)

Preparing For International Success

The OWIS Tsukuba Senior Secondary School Programme offers a top-tier educational experience, preparing students for university and future careers. Our curriculum is designed to cater to the evolving needs of students in Grades 11 and 12.

Key Features of the OWIS Senior Secondary School Programme:

Academic Excellence

Our curriculum emphasises critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability, ensuring students are ready to thrive in an ever-changing world. OWIS OSAKA has achieved amazing results worldwide, including 14 International Bachelorette world-toppers.

Advanced Lessons & Specialised Afterschool Programmes

A significant change that happens in the secondary school curriculum is the focus on more advanced academic topics and preparing students for the direction they want to take after graduation.

Our secondary school includes a greater focus on leadership opportunities, mentorship, public speaking, community service projects, and increasingly more specialised extracurricular activities, fostering well-rounded confident individuals. These programmes are designed to align with the students’ growing interests and potential career aspirations.

Guidance Counselling for College and University: Navigating Future Pathway

Our dedicated guidance counselling team works closely with students to explore their interests and aspirations, providing support in college and university applications. We offer personalised advice on course selection, and career planning, and help students make informed decisions about their higher education journey.

Students also gain access to practical work experience, internships, networking opportunities, and job and university-finding assistance. We also host the Kansai International University & College Expo every year in September, where students can discuss entry and scholarships with representatives from 20+ International universities.

Language Proficiency and Bilingual Fluency: Mastering Global Communication

Students who have been with OWIS from primary school graduate with fluent English proficiency, a key advantage in today’s globalised world. Our curriculum emphasises language skills, ensuring students are confident communicators in both academic and real-world settings.

Digital & Technological Proficiency: Preparing for an Interconnected Future

Embracing the benefits of digital learning, our programme integrates technology in the classroom, personalising and deepening the educational experience. Students learn best digital practices in cyber security and digital safety, ensuring they are well-prepared for the digital challenges of the 21st century.

High-quality teaching

Sports Excellence

Sports lessons and teams in our secondary school are more structured and goal-oriented, with the potential for competitive participation in inter-school competitions or larger community projects. This fosters teamwork, leadership, and advanced strategic thinking.

Everything you need to know about the our Senior Secondary School In Tsukuba

  • Senior Secondary School is typically the last two years of Secondary School in Western schools. If your child is currently in Senior High School, High School, or Secondary School, then they may be placed in our Senior Secondary School Programme. Take A Look At Our Curriculum Page to learn more about the different age brackets and academic stages of our School compared to other schools around the world.

  • This programme reduces the number of different classes students take so that they can focus on those subjects that most interest them and will help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

  • Our Senior Secondary School spaces include science labs, the black box theatre, an immersive reality screen room, and more.

  • The OWIS Osaka Senior Secondary School has the least number of classes per grade, so spaces are limited. Current OWIS Students also get a priority on those spaces so If you are interested in sending your child to our Senior Secondary School, then we recommend you apply early to save your spot. Taking admissions for the Primary School programme is the best way to ensure your child will be able to graduate from OWIS Osaka.


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