Smooth transition from home to school with our Preschool and Early Childhood Programme

Primary school students are participating in an art activity.
A fluent changeover from home to school is important for children and parents so that they don’t feel estranged throughout the transition. That’s why it’s important to choose a good kindergarten or early childhood programme. The teachers, environment and community that a school nurtures will help you to evaluate schools and choose one that will cater to your young child’s growth and development. ‍
  • Knowledgeable environment

At OWIS American School, teachers collaborate with your child’s learning journey and develop a natural curiosity in them.Learn-by-doing and inquiry-based curriculum are some of the important ways that a child-centered programme nurtures your child and boosts academic, emotional and social development.

  • Promoting a shared culture
Diversity is the core at OWIS classrooms. Children coming from different cultures and nationalities are welcomed with compassion and kindness. Young children learn to understand diversity, appreciate differences and practise kindness in a warm atmosphere. ‍
  • Conceptual understanding 
At OWIS Riyadh, children can decide how to play with objects and invent their own games. Through this process we encourage children to practice their creativity and develop problem-solving skills. These and other open-ended activities increase engagement and give your child the ability to explore independent ideas and innovative strategies.   ‍  
  • Free flow playtime
Indoor and outdoor free play time expands your child’s social skills and helps them to collaborate with others effectively. At OWIS, we offer free playtime and encourage unstructured play during the day. ‍
  • Self-led activities
Every child learns, develops and retains information differently. Personalized education at OWIS treats your child as a unique individual. We engage students in ideas that have local and global significance, where they learn about the outer world with international mindedness. While learning in meaningful ways, your child develops critical thinking skills, creativity and personality that help them adapt with changes effortlessly. ‍
  • Reflective and inclusive 
Children learn in different ways and at different pace. Our inclusive preschool and Early childhood program honor every child’s needs and cultivate a sense of belonging, social-emotional learning, empathy, compassion, self-esteem and communication. Our teachers are role-models of the behavior they wish to nurture and offer a variety of learning approaches on interdependence with the world in which we live. At OWIS, your child will be curious, they will learn with enthusiasm and happy to go to school every day. An inquiry-based programme with a structured and recognized curriculum (American and IB PYP) will also help your child to sustain love of learning throughout life. Taking the initial steps of school education for your child is crucial and at OWIS, we create a space for your child to adapt and evolve effortlessly.
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