Student Engagement: Participation in Extracurricular Activities

We truly believe learners need more than just academics in order to succeed and become well-rounded individuals. Extracurricular activities for students are a great way to explore interests, pursue passions, develop various skills, improve competencies and build resumes for college. Here at OWIS, extracurricular activities are an essential component of student life, as is the case with most leading American schools in Riyadh. Studies have shown participating in things outside their regular syllabi can have a positive impact on a child’s overall well-being, and improve academic performance as well. Let’s go through a few benefits of extracurricular activities, the role they play in increasing student engagement, and what we do to cultivate their talents and help them explore passions they didn’t know they had.


Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Students

Extracurricular activities include sports, arts, music, community service, arts, and hobby clubs. Instead of hindering a child’s academics, these activities complement their academic curriculum. Here’s how they can benefit your child.


Developing new skills: Extracurricular activities for children are excellent opportunities to develop new skills they may not learn in the classroom. For example, participating in a sports team can help develop teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. Likewise, joining a club can improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. 


Enhancing academic performance: Naturally, different types of curricular activities go into improving a child’s academic performance, as do extracurriculars. Various studies have shown that learners who participate in extracurricular activities tend to have higher grades because they help develop time management, organization, and self-confidence.  


Building social connections: Collective participation in extracurricular activities provide students with opportunities to meet new people, make friends, and build social connections. This can be especially beneficial for students who may be shy or have difficulty making friends in the classroom. Building these connections can also help students develop a sense of belonging and community, which can improve overall well-being.


Boosting self-confidence: Engaging in extracurricular activities can really boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Thereafter, achieving success in these activities helps learners take ownership and feel proud of their accomplishments, developing a sense of personal worth. This, in turn, can help them succeed in other areas of their lives, even after they finish school.  


Role of Extracurricular Activities in Increasing Student Engagement

Student engagement refers to the level of interest, attention, and involvement that students demonstrate towards their learning. Engaged students tend to be more motivated, more successful, and more satisfied with what they learn, and how they do it. Extracurricular activities can be seen as  student engagement activities as well. Here’s why:


Providing opportunities for active learning: Extracurricular activities provide learners ample opportunities for active, hands-on learning. Unlike traditional classroom instruction, which can be passive and abstract, they allow students to apply what they have learned in a practical and meaningful way. This can help develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and become more engaged in their learning.


Encouraging student choice and autonomy: These activities also enable learners by presenting them with choice and giving them autonomy. Unlike classroom instruction, which is often structured and predetermined, extracurricular activities let them choose the activities they are interested in and take vested ownership of the same. This can develop a sense of responsibility and motivate them, which can carry over into other areas of their lives.


Fostering a sense of community: Extracurricular activities are a great community builder for student bodies. By participating in shared activities and pursuing common interests, they can develop strong bonds with their peers and feel a real sense of belonging. This, in turn, can strengthen their connection with school life, and deepen their involvement in education.


Providing opportunities for leadership and skill development: Learners can develop leadership and other important life skills by participating in extracurricular activities. By taking on responsibilities within their club or team, they can learn to communicate effectively, make decisions, and work collaboratively with peers. This can help them develop important skills that will be valuable throughout life. 

Exploration and Enrichment Beyond the Classroom: Extracurricular Offerings at OWIS Riyadh

Learners can partake in and gain from some of the best extracurricular activities right here at OWIS. Not only do they make for better learning but they also help our learners find the right balance between academics and interests. Extensive indoor and outdoor activities make for well-balanced physical and cognitive development.


At One World International School (OWIS) Riyadh, education extends far beyond textbooks and classrooms. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals, and our array of extracurricular activities is tailored to provide learners with a platform for both personal and academic growth. Remember that the best extracurricular activities will not only enhance learning but also strike a perfect balance between academics and individual interests, contributing to comprehensive physical and cognitive development. 


  • Indoor Facilities:

Within our thoughtfully-designed indoor facilities, OWIS Riyadh offers a conducive environment for effective student learning:


  • Library:

A haven for bibliophiles, our library is stocked with contemporary and classic books, providing students access to a vast knowledge bank. It serves as a quiet retreat for those seeking to delve into the world of literature and expand their horizons.


  • Atriums:

Our spacious indoor atriums play a pivotal role in hosting major events, including parent-teacher meetings and annual days. These versatile spaces are designed to foster a sense of community, making them integral to the OWIS experience.


  • Skills Studio:

Equipped with well-designed learning studios, the Skills Studio at OWIS imparts various essential skills to students. From hands-on activities to interactive sessions, this facility enhances experiential learning, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.


  • Performing Art Studios:

These dedicated spaces provide a platform for co-curricular activities, fostering creativity and self-expression. Performing Art Studios are essential components of our holistic curriculum, encouraging students to explore their artistic talents and engage in various forms of performing arts.


  • Black Box:

The Black Box at OWIS Riyadh serves as a dynamic performance space, enabling students to immerse themselves in an interactive and immersive theatrical journey. This facility encourages creativity, collaboration, and the development of confidence in public speaking and dramatic arts.


  • Outdoor Facilities:

Our expansive outdoor facilities complement the indoor offerings, providing ample space for physical activities and sports:


  • Sports Ground:

OWIS Riyadh boasts a well-equipped sports ground where students can engage in various physical activities, fostering teamwork and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


  • Basketball Court and Football Pitch:

Students can channel their athletic prowess on our basketball court and football pitch, honing their skills and participating in competitive sports.


  • Open Play Area:

The open play area is a versatile space where students can engage in recreational activities, promoting social interaction and physical well-being.


At OWIS Riyadh, our commitment to holistic education is reflected in the diverse range of extracurricular activities that go beyond the ordinary, creating an enriching environment for every learner.


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At OWIS, we offer a spectrum of extracurricular activities that can cater to the interests and passions of each learner under our care, allowing them to explore their potential on their journey towards becoming well-rounded individuals. Participating in extracurricular activities enhances not just academic performance, but also builds social connections, boosts self-confidence, and fosters a deeper, truer sense of community. Here, learners not only discover new interests but also discover who they are by actively participating in them with their peers.

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