Why it is important to nurture 21st century learning skills

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Education across the world is approaching a paradigm shift where excelling in  change-appropriate skills is becoming a key towards a successful future. At OWIS, we prepare students to become competent and adaptive with global changes from an early age. Exploring and understanding 21st century expertise is a part of the learning journey for students at our school in Riyadh.

At OWIS we focus on

  • Creating classroom learning environments where students can explore the 4 Cs- Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication to flourish in an inspiring learning environment.
  • Building opportunities to develop problem solving skills, coming up with solutions together and enhancing their innovative skills to develop 21st century competency.
  • Ensuring students are successful outside the classroom, in real-world scenarios and future workplaces where change is inevitable.

How we encourage 21st century skills at OWIS

  The educators at OWIS have made 21st century competencies a priority and focus on providing students with opportunities to master important skills.  
  • We are an IB PYP candidate school where 21st century competencies are constructively encouraged, developed and applied across transdisciplinary units. 
  • At OWIS, we follow inquiry-led learning. Our students are free to ask questions, think creatively on a wide range of subjects and explore answers with student-led initiatives. They get  learning opportunities both independently and collaboratively by working in groups both inside the classroom and through learning opportunities with other GSF schools. This helps students critically think and communicate their learning experiments with our educators and other students.
  • OWIS is a school built with the notion of diversity and inclusivity. Students from different cultures and backgrounds take part in a range of cultural festivals that provide fun and interactive learning opportunities for students. We encourage students to be proud of their own heritage and develop global awareness within their classrooms along with becoming multicultural citizens.
  • Communication plays a key role in our learning structure and supports the development of students’ soft skills. From kindergarten to primary school students are required to work in collaborative groups or pairs, research on different topics and communicate with others. Group work teaches students the importance of communication to reach an end goal through a range of opinions, experiences and insights. Students will also understand the importance of sharing their ideas to polish them and develop their learning experience.
‍ Technology and innovation will continue to advance our way of life and our educators are focused on keeping students engaged by creating classroom learning environments where students can explore 21st century skills and flourish in an inspiring learning environment. ‍
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