Early Literacy Skills in the IB PYP Classroom

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As educators at OWIS Riyadh, we recognize the importance of developing a strong foundation in early childhood education. One important area that we prioritize is the development of early literacy skills. Early literacy skills are the building blocks of reading and writing, and they are essential for children’s success in school and beyond. 

At OWIS, we use a variety of strategies and activities to promote early literacy skills in our PreKG students. One such approach is phonemic awareness activities. Phonemic awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds in words. We use games and activities that focus on sound discrimination, rhyme recognition, and syllable segmentation to help children develop this important skill.



We also follow a variety of hands-on activities to promote early literacy. For example, we use sensory materials like sand or shaving cream to help children practice writing letters or words. We also use storybooks and songs to introduce children to letters, sounds, and vocabulary. 

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We encourage parents to support their child’s early literacy development at home and provide resources and activities for families to use at home, such as suggested reading lists, literacy-based games, and strategies for supporting phonemic awareness development. By providing a strong foundation in early literacy, we are setting our students up for success in their future academic and personal pursuits.

Ms. Taleah
PreKG B Homeroom Teacher | + posts


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