Why it’s preferred to start school at the beginning of the academic year. An OWIS approach.

It’s often favorable for students to join a new school at the outset of an academic year.  Due to relocating or migration sometimes students miss the beginning of an academic year. At OWIS Riyadh, we make transitions of new students effortless. But in a broader sense it is more advisable that the students join the school from the start of a school year. When students join early, it’s easier for them to adapt with the school environment and get a combined time to settle.‍ ‍ Factors that helps students through early joining :
  • Our Principal and Coordinators for Early Childhood and Primary School conducts a welcome assembly for all students and new parents at the beginning of the year to introduce themselves, the teachers and to talk about our school and core values.
  • Students starting school at the beginning of the academic year get the time to settle in more smoothly. All students are given a warm welcome and there is an easing up period before the class schedules. New students are able to effortlessly join group projects and learning, with an ease in catching up with the lessons.
  • At the start of the academic year, students (of kindergarten and primary school) within a specified class are divided up, so that they can interact with different students at their grades. This gives students a better chance to find friends along the grade.
  • At the beginning of the academic year, teachers will spend more time interacting with the students before the actual schedules pitch in.
‍ It’s relaxed for parents as well to blend as a part of the school community when they join the school in September. As mentioned, students can join OWIS American School Riyadh at any time of the year and we have a systemized plan for students who join mid year. Still, the edge of joining us at the start of the academic year in September are many and do help children settle-in more easily along with increasing a sense of belongingness in them.
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