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OWIS Summer Camp

Join us for up to Four weeks of OWIS Osaka Summer Camp. Our Adventure Summer Camp includes a diverse range of engaging activities such as:

Fun team games and collaborative projects

Exciting excursions and special guests

Immersive English environment


Our camp is organised into four themed weeks, each designed to foster creativity, exploration, and educational growth. Each week is packed with themed activities that engage and inspire so that there’s something exciting for everyone!:

July 15 - July 19
Week 1:
Creative Horizons (Art & Creativity)
Focused on engaging in various artistic mediums, fostering creativity and expressive arts.
July 15 - July 19
July 22 - July 26
Week 2:
Tech Innovators (Technology)
Explore cutting-edge technology and innovative tools that shape our interactions with the world.
July 22 - July 26
July 29 - August 2
Week 3:
Wild Wonders (Nature)
Emphasises connecting with nature through environmental activities and conservation efforts.
July 29 - August 2
August 5 - August 9
Week 4:
Innovation Station (Science and Discovery)
Dive into experiments and activities that stimulate curiosity, critical thinking, and scientific enquiry.
August 5 - August 9

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Special Guests

Every Tuesday, external experts will conduct special classes that align closely with the week’s theme, providing unique and engaging learning experiences. We warmly invite families to attend these sessions to witness their child’s development and accomplishments firsthand. Here are our primary considerations for each week’s event:

Week 1

A hip-hop dance workshop, where participants can engage in energetic and creative dance movements, enhancing their artistic expression and physical fitness.

Week 2

A light spin performing arts session, specifically focusing on poi dance. This will blend art and technology, showcasing the spectacular visual effects of light manipulation.

Week 3

A soccer/futsal clinic hosted by a former professional player. This will provide an opportunity for campers to learn advanced techniques and team strategies, enriching their sporting skills and tactical understanding.

Week 4

An outdoor remote control car racing training and event, which will not only be thrilling but also educational, as campers explore the mechanics and electronics behind remote control vehicles.

Exciting Excursions

Our Excursions every Thursday feature thematic excursions, tailored to enhance the educational content of each week. While specific details are still being finalised, these excursions promise to be both fun and educational, complementing the in-camp activities. Here are our current primary considerations for each week:

Week 1

Campers go on an excursion to “Tentomushi Park” recreational sports facility, where they engage in activities such as, trampolining, rock climbing, tennis, table tennis, billiards, slack-line, and much more.

Week 2

Hirakata Park, a popular amusement park in Osaka Prefecture, features advanced technology rides and attractions, along with exciting water rides and pool areas, making it an ideal destination to explore the exciting world of technology.

Week 3

An adventure at Osaka Expo Commemorative Park, where campers can connect with nature and explore environmental themes such as navigating the Nature Adventure Course, exploring the beautiful Japanese Garden, hiking along scenic trails, visiting informative museums, and experiencing the unique high-rise Nature Walk.

Week 4

The Kansai Cycle Sports Center features a wide range of bicycle courses, games, rides, and water-based activities, aligning perfectly with our summer camp's exploration of technology and mechanical ingenuity.

Each excursion has been chosen to provide a rich, hands-on learning experience that supports the educational goals of its respective week.

Gala Day and Family BBQ:

The camp culminates in a spectacular Gala Day on the final Friday of Week 4, featuring sports competitions and performances that highlight the skills developed throughout the camp. This day includes a lunchtime family BBQ, celebrating the campers’ achievements and fostering community spirit. Regardless of how many or which weeks your child participates, everyone is encouraged to join us for Gala Day on the final Friday if they are available. This is a wonderful opportunity for all campers to celebrate together and for families to see the culmination of the summer’s activities.

Participant Kit

During orientation, each participant receives:

  • Student Handbook
  • A name tag/ID Card
  • House designation
  • House-coloured OWIS Summer camp t-shirts

Programme Fees:

Initial Registration Fee

¥ 15,000
  • (regardless of how many weeks your child is attending)

OWIS Internal Students

¥ 60,000 per week
  • + ¥5,000 per week for material expenses

External Students

¥ 75,000 per week
  • + ¥5,000 per week for material expenses

Flexible Registration Options

Our camp is structured to provide flexibility, allowing families to choose participation based on availability without missing out on a cohesive experience. Each week is designed as a complete experience in itself, yet ties into an overarching theme of global exploration. This ensures that campers who attend any number of weeks—from just one to all four—receive a rich, engaging experience.

We hope this flexible structure helps you plan your summer activities, ensuring that every camper enjoys the comprehensive learning and joy our programme offers, regardless of the duration of their stay.

"Summery" of Why Join Our Summer Camp?

Weekly Themes

Each week is packed with themed activities that engage and inspire. From Creative Horizons to Tech Innovators, Wild Wonders, and Innovation Station, there’s something exciting for everyone!

Rooftop Swimming Pool OWIS Osaka

Swimming Fun

Beat the summer heat with our pool activities! Our school pool will be the centrepiece of water-based fun and games, ensuring everyone stays cool while having a blast.

Special Guest Instructors

We are thrilled to have Kaho Matsunobu, a professional hip-hop dance instructor, joining us each week. Kaho will conduct engaging dance workshops culminating in a performance for parents every Tuesday. Stay tuned for announcements of more special guest instructors!

Creative Workshops

Campers will explore their artistic side with various workshops, including tie-dye, pottery, and mural painting. These activities encourage self-expression and creativity.

Outdoor Adventures

Weekly excursions will take campers to exciting local destinations, such as trampolining parks, theme parks, and forest adventure parks, enhancing the week’s theme with real-world experiences.

Sports and Team Activities

Each day includes a mix of sports like soccer, futsal, and basketball, promoting physical fitness and teamwork. House team projects and competitions foster camaraderie and a healthy competitive spirit.

Gala Day

Our camp concludes with a spectacular Gala Day, where campers showcase their skills and compete in various sports. The day ends with a family BBQ and performances, celebrating the achievements and memories of the past four weeks.

*OWIS Osaka reserves the right to make necessary changes as the schedule develops. This ensures we can provide the best possible experience for all participants, adapting to new opportunities and circumstances as they arise. Thank you for your understanding.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to make the most of your summer! Register today and give your child a summer filled with exploration, creativity, and fun at One World International School Osaka.

Location and Access:

The camp is hosted at our school:

One World International School Osaka, 3-1-39 Shariji, Ikuno-ku, Osaka, 544-0022.