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Our Early Childhood Programme ranges from ages 3 and 6 (Pre-school, Pre-K, reception, Nursery, Early Years programme)

Setting the Foundation for Lifelong Learning

Our early childhood programme prepares students for the PYP curriculum and beyond.

Inquiry-Driven Curriculum

Our early childhood programme is based on a play-based approach to learning, which sparks inquiries in young minds. The programme includes age-appropriate activities that allow children to explore their surrounding environment and progress through a successful and existing learning path.

Play Encourages Cognitive Development
Safe and Inviting Learning Environment

An Inviting Learning Environment

Our classrooms are spacious and they instill a feel of joy and excitement in young learners. Our thoughtfully-designed physical spaces are well complemented by our outdoor play area that allows our students to interact with nature, play, and enjoy a highly-rewarding experience of self-discovery.

Adhering to Our Commitment to Delivering Quality Education

At OWIS Osaka, we nurture young learners, who grow up to become confident individuals. Through role-play based experiential learning, we encourage our students to engage with the real-world and enjoy creative problem-solving activities in a technology-enabled environment.

A teacher and student reading a book together

Holistic Development

We provide well-rounded education through a perfect balance of academics and extracurricular activities. This fosters their creative thinking ability and allows them to confidently address real-world scenarios. 

The culture at OWIS Osaka promotes creativity and independent thinking.
Learn how we nurture future leaders with a one-world-one-community approach.

Why Choose OWIS for Early Childhood Education in Osaka?

Nurturing Lifelong Learners

We understand that every child has unique learning needs, and so we adopt personalized methodologies to ensure that every child fosters a love of lifelong learning.

Community & Inclusivity

We foster an environment where people show respect towards other cultures and celebrate diversity. Our group work promotes inclusive thinking and helps develop global citizens of the future.

Multiple Global Locations

GSF’s OWIS brand operates in multiple locations including India, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific regions, so expats have the privilege of enroling their children in schools following the same course structure.

Reasonable Fees

OWIS Osaka make sure that every child gets the right to receive high-quality education at affordable prices.

Personalized Attention

We maintain small class-sizes and a lower student-teacher ratio, which translates into more focused attention towards every student in a comfortable and secure setting.

What does Early Childhood Mean?

Every country has different academic stages throughout their school systems. As an international school, our age brackets for each academic stage reflect those that are most commonly seen abroad, and are in sync with other OWIS Schools in our global network. The OWIS Osaka Early Childhood Programme ranges from ages 3 – 6 and has multiple other names, including Pre-school, Pre-K, Reception, Nursery, and Early Years Programme.

Check Out Our Curriculum Page to learn more about the different age brackets and academic stages of our School compared to other schools around the world.

What does it feel like to be a part of the OWIS family?

Explore the grand OWIS campus in Osaka We would be delighted to help you with a walkthrough.