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The OWIS Osaka Referral Programme

OWIS Osaka fosters the spirit of building a strong community where people really care to stay connected to one another. We feel true joy when Osaka parents speak good about us to others, and spread the word about our school. Nothing can be more treasurable than a word of appreciation from the Osaka parents who share their pride for being a valued member of the OWIS Osaka community.

Download and print off our referral programme form to take part!

Primary school students are working together at OWIS Osaka

It’s All About Giving Back and Growing Together As A Community!

As we come across people who tell us that they have heard about our school from their friends or relatives who have children studying at our school, we express our warm gratitude to the Osaka parents for recommending OWIS Osaka to others. Dear Parents, we feel that we can’t thank you enough if we do not implement new ways to give back to you and strengthen our community further. Celebrating our bond, we are announcing the launch of the OWIS Osaka Referral Programme that entitles you with the privilege of referring our school to others and get a small gift from us in return for every successful enrolment that comes through your referral.         

Referral Benefits

A referral from you is an honor for us, and what makes our referral programme great is the fact that it entitles those on both sides of the referral with the right to receive benefits. Does this sound interesting? Here’s a list of benefits that the referral programme encompasses and the terms and conditions that you may want to know:

The family that refers a new student will receive an Amazon voucher worth ¥10,000. The Voucher is not received by the referrer until the student completes at least 1 full month of enrollment in the school.

The family that is referred will receive a waiver of ¥10,000 on the Tuition Fee. The credit will be applied to the 2nd school term invoice.

The referred parent should also mention the referral parent on his visit to OWIS Osaka.

The referee should not have been received previously by the school via its online portal.

We’ll offer one referral bonus per family that successfully enrols.

There’s no limit to the number of times a family can claim this referral bonus.

Referrers should get in touch with our admissions counsellor to seek assistance in claiming the bonus.

The programme will remain valid till March 2024.

OWIS Osaka reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the programme and payment.

Take Part In Growing the OWIS Osaka Community!

We are already delighted to have you as an OWIS Osaka parent, and your active involvement in the referral programme can work wonders to grow our community further. Let’s work together to spread the word about OWIS Osaka and allow other children to experience a rewarding learning journey too! For any questions that you may have about the programme or to make a referral, please contact our admissions counsellor at [email protected].
Primary school students are working together at OWIS

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