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Frequently asked questions

At One World International School, our parents and students come first. We understand that making the right decision about your child’s education is not something to be taken lightly. Allow us to assist by answering any questions you may have. We’ve compiled a list of queries that we hope you will find helpful as you consider what to look for in an international school. This page contains additional information about our admissions process, curriculum and co-curricular activities.

You will find answers to common queries on international school education in Osaka.

We recommend scheduling a personalized 1:1 counselling session with our admissions team to facilitate your family’s admissions journey. Kindly email us at [email protected] or use our website contact form.

There is no fixed nationality quota. As an illustration, our sister school in Tokyo comprises 55% Japanese students and 45% from approximately 20 other countries.

There is only one OWIS campus in Osaka, but we intend to have more OWIS campuses expanding around Japan in the coming years. Yes. Typically, availability for enrollment is contingent upon class capacity and the campus’s nationality demographics. No re-registration fee is applicable.

We offer a 25% admissions discount for the second child applying within the family and a 50% discount for any additional children seeking admission (one discount per child).

We already have a school bus programme in place. You can see the details of our bus service here. We are currently collecting input from applying families to establish more bus stops and routes. Our Tokyo campus operates 22 different buses.

Yes we offer EC classes such as sports, study club, and early childhood aftercare. You can see a full list of our EC’s and afterschool programmes here.

We are progressively expanding our grade levels, intending to offer education up to Grade 12 (age 18) in subsequent years, gradually introducing at least one new grade each academic year. By September 2024 we will offer education between Early childhood (age 3) up to Grade 7 (age 13). For more details and information, please enquire here.

If you wish to enrol a child in a grade level that is currently unavailable at OWIS Osaka, we encourage parents to express their interest and register their child’s details with us for the desired higher grade level. This helps us gauge interest and plan accordingly for future expansions. Rest assured, we are committed to broadening our academic offerings to encompass higher grade levels. As we progress in our growth, we will communicate updates regarding the availability of new grade levels to all interested parties.

School hours are scheduled from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, with extracurricular activities and business operations commencing post-school hour, up until 6:00 PM.

Our dining facility, Cezars Kitchen, offers buffet-style international cuisine. Alternatively, students are welcome to bring packed lunches from home.

Yes! We currently have spaces available for prospective students across various grade levels. To check availability and secure a spot for your child, please contact our admissions team at [email protected] or use our contact page.

The application fee is non-refundable. This fee covers administrative costs associated with processing applications and assessments. See our school fees page for more information.

Our passionate and dedicated teaching team at OWIS comprises educators from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. We pride ourselves on having a culturally rich international faculty all of which have native English speaking ability. MOst of our teachers come from Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US.

Yes, we offer an Academic English Preparation Programme (AEP) designed to support students in developing English proficiency. This programme is tailored to assist students in acclimatizing to an English-first classroom setting.

OWIS boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to foster holistic development in students. Our campus includes an Immersive reality screen room, black-box theatre, smart boards in every classroom, iPads and Macbooks for student use, specialized labs for wood and metalworking, 3D printers, a gymnasium and stage, a rooftop swimming pool, and more! These resources enhance our experiential learning approach and provide students with tools for creative expression and innovative learning.

Our school’s language of instruction and operation is English. As a supplement, we will require all students in Kindergarten (age 5) and above to take Japanese language courses such as kokugo for native Japanese speakers, and Japanese as a second language (JSL) for non-natives.

Other languages are also being considered as per popular demand. If you have a language that you would like your child to learn, let our admissions counsellor know using our contact form.

Our admissions process is smooth and simple. There are a few different steps in the process which may take up to two weeks to complete, subject to your availability.

Yes, we have plans for the rooftop swimming pool on our campus. The development and activation of this facility are currently in progress, with anticipated activation possibly sometime between 2024 and 2025.

We will be developing both a Summer School Programme (academic & language enrichment) and a Summer Camp that will be offered each year. In 2024 we plan to offer a 3~4 week thematic Summer Camp from late July to the middle of August. It will be for both internal and external students and will include STEM activities, arts & crafts, sports, excursions, and active learning experiences.

We also plan to offer a Winter Camp programme starting December 2024, following the final week of regular school and during the first week of the Winter Holidays.

In 2025 we are also considering the addition of a Spring Camp at the end of March.

Finally, from 2025 onwards, we look forward to adding two weeks of Summer School at the end of the academic school year dedicated to providing additional academic and language development to those students who require the additional support.

Of course, private schools are reliant on the business of education provision and the retention of students. In our facility, we look forward to accommodating up to 600 students at capacity from Early Childhood to Grade 12. Our current admission trends and growth projections indicate a consistent significant increase in size every term. We are on track and expect nothing less than to grow into a strong local option for international education in the Kansai region. According to our 30-year development strategy, parents need not worry about financial viability. Our responsibility is to provide a strong education to their children that will justify both our efforts and our growth.

At OWIS Osaka, we embrace diversity and inclusivity while ensuring every child’s educational journey remains dynamic. We employ tailored learning approaches that accommodate individual learning needs. While everyone is welcome and valued in our multicultural environment, we ensure that students proficient in English can progress optimally. We offer differentiated learning, support structures, and individualized plans to ensure each child’s academic growth without hindrance.

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