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Academic English Preparation (AEP) Programme

(English language support for aspiring students)

What is AEP?

The Academic English Preparation (AEP) programme at OWIS Osaka is a foundational English language course for students who don’t yet have the English skills they need to fully participate in an English-speaking classroom.

Our AEP programme is purposefully crafted to support non-native English speakers in cultivating the essential language skills for active participation in school. Prioritising growth in the foundational English and curricula relevant words and phrases ensures the student will be able to engage in classroom activities and succeed in their studies.

How is the requirement for AEP decided?

During the application process, students are assessed using an international standard English assessment. Based on the results and their grade level, students are placed into one of three patterns:

Above Competency level

Students who meet the required English competency score join mainstream classes.

Primary students below the competency level

Primary students who fall below the competency level receive supplementary English support classes alongside their regular classes until they can fully integrate into the regular class schedule. There are no pass or fail grades for primary students.

Secondary students below the competency level

Secondary students (Grade 6 and above) who pass the assessment but fall below the competency level are required to take AEP classes in addition to regular grade-level classes indefinitely. A minimum level of language competency is required before secondary students can enrol.

Benefits of the OWIS AEP Programme

Engaging Activities

This foundational course uses immersive, multi-sensory, and interactive learning activities that help students have fun, learn, and recall information faster.

Personalized Support

Providing tailored language classes and support services helps students develop in the specific language areas they need the most, accelerating the learning process

Purpose Focused Programme

The AEP programme is designed not just to teach your child English but to equip them with the necessary skills for a swift transition into regular classes. This ensures they seamlessly integrate without missing out on the curriculum.

Immediate Enrollment Opportunity

Regardless of your child's current English proficiency, they can enroll into the lower grades of our international school promptly, and smoothly transition into the new school with minimal disturbance to their studies.

English Speaking Environment

Your child will benefit from our immersive English environment, international faculty, and multicultural student body, helping them learn English faster and more holistically than compared to in a purely academic setting.

Assessment and Feedback

Implementing regular assessments, quizzes, and projects to evaluate language proficiency and provide constructive feedback for improvement.

Learn more about how our AEP programme can help your child develop personally and succeed academically

Meet your AEP teachers!

Portrait photo of Mr Daniel Castellanos

With over 7 years of English teaching experience in Japan, Mr Daniel Castellanos teaches the more advanced AEP 2 class. He excels in fostering a love for learning and helping students make breakthroughs in their English studies. With an expert understanding of language acquisition and an empathetic approach, he guides students through their English language learning journey. He uses a range of interactive teaching methods and personalized attention to ensure that each student receives the tailored support they need to excel in the AEP programme and seamlessly transition into mainstream classes. With his expertise and genuine care for student progress, Mr Daniel plays a vital role in preparing aspiring students for a successful academic journey.

Ms Hallen Joy Sumingwa is a certified professional teacher from the Philippines with two education degrees. She also finished a diploma certificate in Special Education and a diploma certificate in TESOL. She has passed EIKEN Level 1 and TOIEC 990 and has more than 17 years of teaching experience in Japan, Thailand, China and the Philippines. Having the experience of working with different students from various nationalities and backgrounds she has honed her skills as a teacher, especially for students who study English as their second or third language. In her free time, she is working on her master’s degree online (MAED in Language and Literacy). She also likes singing and reading books.

How OWIS AEP Sets Your Child's English Journey

Bridging the Gap

At OWIS Osaka, we use a flexible curriculum that can adapt to cater to students varying English proficiency levels, allowing students to progress at their own pace while addressing their specific language learning requirements. Our AEP programme serves as a bridge for students to navigate the language barrier and assimilate smoothly into our English-based curriculum. Through immersive learning experiences and tailored support, we ensure that students grasp the fundamentals of English, building a solid foundation for their academic journey. 

Keeping the Pace

Once students have reached a level of English proficiency that is above the competency level, they can join classes normally. In some cases, AEP may go on until the student graduates so that they get the maximum benefit from the programme. This offers students a dedicated time and space to address specific English challenges they encounter in the core curriculum.

Academic excellence & personal growth

Proficiency in English is essential for effective international communication and success. Students who study with us from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 graduate with English fluency as well as the skills they need for confident communication, outstanding academic performance, and global citizenship.

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