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OWIS Junior Secondary School ranges from ages 11 to 16 (Grades 6 - Grade 10, Middle School, Middle Years Programme, Junior High School, Lower Secondary School)

An Innovative Learning Journey

Junior Secondary is a time of transition for students’ educational journey as they adjust to new learning methodologies, educators and social situations. During this period, they assume greater responsibilities, enjoy newfound independence, and gradually prepare for academic challenges, all while we combine rigorous academics with creative exploration and character development to shape well-rounded, forward-thinking global citizens. Our commitment to holistic education mirrors our approach at OWIS Osaka, where we share a common vision of nurturing well-rounded individuals.


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Key Features of the OWIS Junior Secondary School Programme:

Academic Excellence & Personalized Learning

Our curriculum is rooted in inquiry-based learning, blending core subjects with real-world applications. We focus on critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability, skillfully preparing students to meet and embrace the challenges of the future.


This approach is enhanced by our commitment to personalized learning, where each student’s educational journey is tailored to their unique strengths, interests, and learning styles. Through this customization, we foster each student’s talents and aspirations. Our curriculum is designed to cultivate global awareness

Unique After-School Clubs: Beyond Traditional Learning

In middle school, our after-school programmes encourage exploration, experiential learning, and foundational skill-building. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, from sports and arts to technology and language clubs. These activities are designed to foster diverse interests and talents, contributing to the holistic development of our students. OWIS also has some unique features like interdisciplinary projects, technology integration, and global awareness initiatives.

After-school activities may often include community involvement where students are introduced to the concept of community service and local engagement. Such activities are supervised and structured with an emphasis on learning the value of community contribution.

Personal Growth & Development

In Middle School, we start to see student councils and community service initiatives take shape, we encourage responsibility, empathy, and effective communication. 

Team activities are focused on participation and learning to work collaboratively. The emphasis is on developing teamwork, communication skills, a sense of belonging, and community awareness.

Supportive Learning Environment: A Community of Support

At OWIS Osaka, we provide a nurturing environment with personalised mentorship and counselling services. We support each student’s unique journey, ensuring a positive and inclusive learning experience.

Within our multicultural environment, we model core values of kindness and empathy, encouraging students to become compassionate global citizens who understand and appreciate different perspectives and cultures.

We will provide more details of specific Junior Secondary academics and curriculum as we roll out the programme.

Everything you need to know about the our Junior Secondary School In Osaka

  • Junior Secondary School is typically the first six years of Secondary School in Western schools. If your child is currently in Middle School, Middle Years Programme, Junior High School, High school, or Secondary School, Lower Secondary School, then they may be placed in our Junior Secondary School Programme. Check Out Our Curriculum Page to learn more about the different age brackets and academic stages of our School compared to other schools around the world.
  • This programme introduces many new specialised classes so that students can find what interests them and double down on those in the next academic stage (Senior Secondary School). Our Junior Secondary School spaces include science labs, a black box theatre, an immersive reality screen room, and more.
  • The OWIS Osaka Junior Secondary School has fewer classes per grade than the years before it, so spaces are limited. Current OWIS Students also get a priority on those spaces so If you are interested in sending your child to our Junior Secondary School, then we recommend you apply early to save your spot.

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Our admissions process is straightforward and supportive. Contact our admissions counsellor, tour our campus, and complete the necessary documentation to begin your child’s journey at OWIS Osaka. We offer rolling admissions to accommodate your schedule.