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Education ICT Manager

Job Description:

The Education ICT Manager at One World International School (OWIS), Osaka, is responsible for overseeing and managing the school’s information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and resources. The role involves ensuring that technology enhances the educational experience and supports efficient administrative processes.


Key Responsibilities:


ICT Infrastructure Management:


  1. Network and Systems:

   – Oversee the design, maintenance, and security of the school’s network infrastructure.

   – Ensure that hardware, software, and systems are up to date and function optimally.


  1. Hardware and Software:

   – Manage the procurement, installation, and maintenance of ICT hardware and software.

   – Coordinate repair and replacement of equipment when needed.


  1. Cybersecurity:

   – Implement and maintain cybersecurity measures to protect the school’s data and networks.

   – Develop and enforce security policies and practices for staff and students.


Educational Technology Integration:


  1. Curriculum Support:

   – Collaborate with teachers to integrate educational technology into the curriculum.

   – Provide training and support to teachers in using technology for instruction.


  1. Educational Software:

   – Evaluate and recommend educational software and resources to enhance teaching and learning.

   – Monitor and manage software licenses and subscriptions.


  1. Digital Literacy:

   – Promote digital literacy among students and staff, ensuring they can effectively and safely use technology.

   – Organize workshops and training sessions on digital literacy.


Administrative Systems:


  1. School Data Management:

   – Oversee the management of student and school data systems.

   – Ensure the accurate recording and reporting of student information.


  1. Support Services:

   – Provide technical support and guidance to staff and students in using school systems.

   – Assist in resolving technical issues and troubleshooting.


  1. Budget Management:

   – Develop and manage the ICT budget, tracking expenses and optimizing resource allocation.

   – Provide financial reports and forecasts as necessary.


Qualifications and Requirements:

– A Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field; a Master’s degree is preferred.

– A minimum of 5 years of experience in educational technology management.

– Strong knowledge of network infrastructure, hardware, software, and cybersecurity.

– Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

– Proficiency in English (spoken and written); proficiency in Japanese is an advantage.

– Effective communication, organizational, and leadership skills.

– A passion for educational technology and a commitment to enhancing the learning experience through technology.


Visa Status: Permanent Resident / Instructor Visa / valid work visa


Language: English (fluency)


Location: One World International School (OWIS), Osaka


Reporting To: Head of Primary School

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