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School Facilities, Business, & Operations Manager (Bilingual English/Japanese Preferred)

Job Description:

The School Facilities, Business, & Operations Manager at One World International School (OWIS), Osaka, plays a pivotal role in overseeing and managing the school’s physical infrastructure, business operations, and administrative functions. Proficiency in both English and Japanese is highly desirable for effective communication with internal and external stakeholders.


Key Responsibilities:

Facilities Management:

  1. Maintenance and Security:

   – Oversee the maintenance, cleanliness, and safety of school facilities and grounds.

   – Manage security measures, alarm systems, and emergency response protocols.


  1. Space Utilization:

   – Plan and optimize the use of classroom and common spaces to meet the school’s needs.

   – Coordinate facility usage for events, meetings, and extracurricular activities.


  1. Procurement and Vendor Management:

   – Source and negotiate contracts with vendors for facility maintenance and improvement.

   – Ensure cost-effective procurement of equipment, supplies, and services.


Business Operations:

  1. Budget Management:

   – Develop and manage the school’s annual budget, tracking expenses and revenues.

   – Provide financial reports and forecasts to the Head of School and school board.


  1. Human Resources:

   – Oversee administrative and support staff, including hiring, training, and performance evaluations.

   – Ensure staff compliance with school policies and regulations.


  1. Contracts and Agreements:

   – Draft, review, and negotiate contracts and agreements with external parties.

   – Manage leases, insurance, and service contracts related to the school.{


  1. Compliance and Reporting:

   – Ensure compliance with local regulations, permits, and licensing requirements.

   – Prepare and submit reports to regulatory bodies as necessary.


Operations and Administrative Support:

  1. School Calendar and Scheduling:

   – Coordinate school events, academic schedules, and activities in collaboration with academic leadership.

   – Maintain and communicate the school calendar.


  1. Technology and Infrastructure:

   – Oversee technology infrastructure, including IT systems and equipment.

   – Ensure the functionality of audiovisual and communication systems.


Qualifications and Requirements:

– A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Operations Management, or a related field. A Master’s degree is a plus.

– Proficiency in both English and Japanese (spoken and written) is highly desirable.

– Minimum of 5 years of experience in facilities management, business operations, or related roles.

– Strong financial acumen with budgeting and financial management skills.

– Exceptional organizational and project management abilities.

– Effective leadership and team management skills.

– Knowledge of local regulations and compliance requirements.

– Excellent communication and negotiation skills.


Visa Status: Permanent Resident / Instructor Visa / valid work visa


Language: English (Fluent), Japanese (minimum Basic)


Location: One World International School (OWIS), Osaka


Reporting To: Head of School

Department: Operations
Job Location: Osaka
Job Type: Full Time

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