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What Makes OWIS Osaka Special? How We Deliver on Our Values

What Makes OWIS Osaka Special? How We Deliver on Our Values

One World International School Osaka joins the greater OWIS family in offering a curriculum that is designed to best help students thrive in a multicultural world. Our curriculum focuses on community and self, encouraging students to think critically about localised as well as globalised problems.

The OWIS Osaka international school campus succeeds at this by creating a model that incorporates home, academia and community. Community service programmes are built into the curriculum to foster involvement and critical thinking. In school, project-based learning engages students, further developing critical thinking skills, creativity, innovation and mindful independence alongside collaboration. At home, students and families are prompted to reflect upon studies and cultural values, then bring and share their histories with the school to build upon a tradition of enriched multiculturalism. OWIS Osaka prides itself on crafting an incredible framework that heralds students to a brighter, more fulfilling future. However, it is the students that fill out that framework and create a gorgeous structure in which everyone thrives. Contact One World International School Osaka to learn more about its exciting educational model and enrolment.

Introduction Every parent wants the very best for their child; for their child in the present and in the future. If you are looking for a curriculum that is more adaptive, personalised, rigorous, internationally-reflective and will best prepare students for the globalised world of tomorrow, then it is time to look at One World International School (OWIS) which offers a holistic, top-tier education to all of its students. The Global OWIS Mission and Vision The first One World International School opened its doors in 2008 in Singapore under the guidance of experienced educator Suresh Divyanthan. His aim was to build an innovative curriculum for the local expatriate community that focused on high academic rigour, character development and encouraging multiculturalism that would help students thrive in the increasingly globalised world. Today, there are six physical OWIS schools located across the globe and one digital campus that is based in Singapore. The OWIS campus in Osaka, Japan, is the newest addition to this growing family of unique international schools. Under the leadership of Founding Principal Greg Culos, One World International School in Osaka is excited to offer a robust curriculum for the incoming 2023-2024 class. Every aspect of this curriculum has been tailored to follow and adhere to the OWIS mission that has made us so successful and highly regarded. That mission statement is to develop inquisitive, compassionate and reflective lifelong learners. The goal here is not to craft a learner who knows just how to pass a test but rather to develop learners who desire and endeavour to learn for learning’s own sake and who show respect for other cultures, personalities and communities. Are you interested in joining this mission? Consider the following key attributes of the OWIS Osaka education vision and how the educator team of this school works every day towards fulfilling them: Global Engagement and Adaptability While the original One World International School in Singapore was initially tailored for the students of expatriates, today’s OWIS locations, Osaka included, are attended by local students as well as those hailing from nations other than Japan. The students at OWIS represent the world, and that in and of itself sets a strong global and multicultural foundation for the classroom. To help students learn and collaborate, bilingual education in English has been made a centre point of the curriculum. OWIS campuses use a curriculum that is based on the principles of the Western education philosophy, which is itself based on the rigorous principle of the globally-renowned IB curriculum. Our curriculum focuses on global perspectives, encouraging the development of a mindset that considers intercultural perspectives. In other words, children are exposed to global and community issues as they read and interact with various curriculum materials. Students are encouraged to reflect upon such matters and to think critically about them to further develop a sense of self as global citizens. Creativity and Innovation To be creative requires a student to learn that there are various approaches to almost any given problem. On the educator side, this requires giving students chances to try, ensuring they learn how to succeed through iterative growth and resilient experimentation.  At OWIS Osaka, project-based learning plays a significant role in the curriculum. This pushes students to approach problems in a variety of ways and encourages more critical thinking. Yet, even more importantly, students need to feel comfortable trying new things. Creativity and innovation require resilience, and to foster resilience, OWIS Osaka prioritises building a supportive environment in which students feel comfortable and encouraged to take risks and learn through continuous trial and iterative improvements. Community and Inclusivity All international schools promote community and inclusivity by encouraging students to share their culture and building an environment celebrating each student and their background. Here, students are encouraged to share and learn in order to feel more included within their peer groups and the school at large, but at OWIS Osaka, the education and administration team also encourages a sense of belonging and giving to the community. One World International Schools do that by emphasising community service programmes within our curriculum. Community service programmes give students the opportunity to connect with others in unique ways. Our charitable programmes enable students to look beyond the classroom and discover how they can help neighbours and strangers in the community. This type of volunteering helps students to better see themselves as part of a community. It often gives individuals a sense of fulfilment and may even spur future career interests. In addition to reaching out in the form of service, our education team is proud to also join the local Japanese community in more collaborative and participatory ways. We take part in local festivals and events, collaborating with artisans as well as other schools as a way of demonstrating the open and progressive outlook we hold within our core curriculum. Mindful Independence To be mindfully independent is to be able to act independently while keeping others in mind. OWIS Osaka promotes mindful independence in just about every aspect of the curriculum, such as by encouraging ownership over assignment design, building a growth mindset and offering plenty of support and feedback for students to learn and grow from. Even in collaborative tasks, students are encouraged to reflect and give feedback on self and peer work to build self-awareness and communication skills. After all, in an international school, good communication skills are paramount, and there is a significant amount of core work involved in developing those community skills for students to learn, collaborate and play with classmates most effectively. Conclusion One World International School Osaka joins the greater OWIS family in offering a robust curriculum that considers the local community and the world at large. The OWIS students are encouraged to take risks via project-based learning that best fosters creativity and innovation. To learn more, attend one of our admission events here.
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